Monday, August 10, 2009

Report: Doesn't play well with others...

Only one professional hockey team from SoCal made the playoffs this past season, the Ontario Reign (remember, the Ducks don't exist to me - they're a movie, not an NHL team). When I found out that Colten Teubert, the Kings highly regarded prospect, would be lacing 'em up there for the playoffs I knew it was time to go to a few games.

Some buddies and I went to two games.

In the first home game Teubert looked like a beast. You could clearly see this kid had skills a few levels above nearly every other player in the building that night. Sidebar - I always find it somewhat humorous when fans say things like "he was NHL ready". Really? You're confident enough to make that statement after watching a guy play against other people that aren't even close to NHL caliber? Big fish small pond doesn't guarantee success when stepping up. At best, again as a fan, about the only thing you can say is a player (like Teubert that night) is at a level above the people he is playing against.

How quickly things change from game to game...

The man beast that was crushing people and was flat dazzling in game one was nowhere to be found in game two. It was scary how a kid that seemed like he was EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME in game one was NOWHERE to be seen in game two. We later learned that apparently he had some sort of upper body injury at the end of game one (shoulder, arm, can't remember) that somewhat limited him the rest of the series. Still, wow - it was like two different players.

I'm not bashing Teubert or the pick or his future. In Dean We Trust.

Fast forward a few months and it looks like Teubert subscribes to the Jim Rome theory of MAN'S GAME. He is lightn suckers up, smokin fools and all the other phrases that make sports talk radio enjoyable and annoying at the same time. Check out how Teubert was rolling earlier this week in what was basically a SCRIMMAGE(!) for team Canada's WJC team..

NHL ready? Who knows? I'll wait for Coach Murray or Dean or Hex or some other expert to weigh in on that topic. For now, let's all just have fun watching that clip again.

The Mayor

The Mayor interviews Colten Teubert

note: to watch the full report from that game, follow TSN's coverage here: WJC Summer Camp

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