Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interview w/ former Hobey Baker winner & Kings goalie Robb Stabuer

College hockey is alive and well people. Just look at the LA Kings roster - Jonathan Quick, Jack Johnson, Davis Drewiske, Peter Harrold, Matt Greene, Rob Scuderi, Scott Parse...they all played NCAA hockey prior to becoming NHL players.

There have been many more before the current group though, including an unheralded member of the Kings team that made a run to the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals...Robb Stauber.

Blueline, as he was affectionately known during his playing days, was the first goalie to ever win the Hobey Baker Award in a sophomore! For those unfamiliar, that's hockey's equivalent of the Heisman Trophy. He also went to the Frozen Four three times as a member of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. After wrapping up his pro career he returned to his alma mater and joined the coaching staff, where he helped guide the team to three more Frozen Four appearances.

Tonight in Detroit this year's college hockey championship will be decided when two of the premier programs in the country battle for the title, Wisconsin and Boston College.

To help get everybody ready for the season ending game we sat down with Robb for a conversation about college hockey - both as a player and as a coach.
Straight out of the net and racing towards the blueline, it's Robb Stauber...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Free tickets to the regular season finale at home!

The contest for a free pair of tickets to the Kings vs. Oilers game on April 10, 2010 is now closed. The winner has been selected, contacted and confirmed. Thank you for entering. Please continue to read MayorsManor for future contests.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

NCAA Frozen Four preview with Gary Shuchuk

The NCAA hockey championship will be decided over the next three days in Detroit, Michigan - with semi final action kicking off in just a few hours. One team vying for the crown is the Wisconsin Badgers, the former home of many NHL players - including Kings defenseman Davis Drewiske and Sharks sniper Dany Heatley.

And there's another former Badger on the loose out there...a guy who led the Badgers in goals and points in 1990...his team also won the NCAA hockey championship that season...none other than former Kings forward Gary Shuchuk.

We caught up with Gary to get some thoughts about his college days and to get a prediction on this year's tournament.  Here's part one of an exclusive MayorsManor interview with Shuchuk...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The next Frolov sits at #20

The Kings are getting ready to throw a party like Los Angeles and the NHL has never seen before. And no, I'm not talking about the playoffs. The NHL Entry Draft heads to SoCal for the first time ever this June. While this event is usually reserved almost exclusively for northeastern cities, the Kings staff convinced the NHL brass it was time to come west.

Earlier today the NHL's Central Scouting Bureau published its latest player rankings...with an interesting twist. They've now given us their comparisons to current and former stars.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some People Just Don't Get It

It's called a cross town rival for a reason.  You're either a Rangers fan or an Islanders fan.  Jets fans and Giants fans don't bro out together.  Kings - Ducks...well...

Apparently some people didnt get the memo...

Right after this pic was snapped on Saturday night, Mr One-liner turns to me and says "You know the worst part about that jersey? (a million thoughts rushed to my brain)... If there's one of 'em, that means there is another one out there just like it!"

Why people?  Why?

The Mayor

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bernier named AHL Goalie of the Year

Over the last several years Kings GM Dean Lombardi has made numerous changes to the organization. He's done simple things behind the scenes, like upgrading the workout facilities in El Segundo. He's been an open book with fans and media alike.  Yet, when all is said and done, the most significant mark he may leave on the Kings outside of a championship could be his commitment to developing goaltenders.

Jonathan Bernier was drafted in the first round just months after Dean Lombardi was hired in April 2006.  From day one both Dean and Assistant GM Ron Hextall have been insistent on not rushing Bernier to the NHL. Nobody wants to see a repeat of what happened to the only other Kings goalie drafted in the first round, Jamie Storr. His NHL career never really materialized after basically winning every award there is to win for younger players.

While Jonathan Quick has been the main man in net for LA this year, Kings fans and players have been treated to a few brief glimpses of Bernier this season...and he looks to be the real deal.

Earlier today he was rewarded for his hard work in the minors as the AHL named him their Top Goalie for 2009-2010.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Negative Nancy Night at Staples Center

Saturday night's game was a sellout...and it brought out plenty of Negative Nancys.

Finding some positives in the game may be difficult, but let's give it a try:

* First off, I'll get the obligatory Easter reference out of the way...can somebody please find the egg holding the key to the Kings offense? It's probably hidden well though, so search behind all the bushes and around all corners.

* A long list of players and coaches, "exchanged pleasantries" with the folks in Section 119 as they come and go from the ice. However, the one coach I never expected to break was Randy Carlyle of the Ducks. This guy is usually so calm and in control. Like a machine. Nothing seems to get to him. And the irony of it is, I never said anything to him last night during the game (unlike previous games). Apparently he missed my jabs though, as he practically came running into the tunnel to bump his gums when things were over last night. Keep it up Randy. We miss McToilet in Edmonton and need a new coach to befriend.