Sunday, April 4, 2010

Negative Nancy Night at Staples Center

Saturday night's game was a sellout...and it brought out plenty of Negative Nancys.

Finding some positives in the game may be difficult, but let's give it a try:

* First off, I'll get the obligatory Easter reference out of the way...can somebody please find the egg holding the key to the Kings offense? It's probably hidden well though, so search behind all the bushes and around all corners.

* A long list of players and coaches, "exchanged pleasantries" with the folks in Section 119 as they come and go from the ice. However, the one coach I never expected to break was Randy Carlyle of the Ducks. This guy is usually so calm and in control. Like a machine. Nothing seems to get to him. And the irony of it is, I never said anything to him last night during the game (unlike previous games). Apparently he missed my jabs though, as he practically came running into the tunnel to bump his gums when things were over last night. Keep it up Randy. We miss McToilet in Edmonton and need a new coach to befriend.

* Corey Perry also had a little to say last night - looking up and talking smack from the ice no less. Surprisingly, he wasn't crying about anything (like usual). He kept it pretty light hearted.

* Giving away points is one of the cardinal sins of hockey...hey, that would be a good article - listing all the sins of hockey. Anyway, the Kings have become quite the masters of this little trick throughout the season. Yet, if you want to subscribe to the "you have to learn to lose before you can win" theory, perhaps last night was critical in the development of a young team. You hear coaches lecturing all the time "It's a 60 minute game"...and the Kings need to remember that come playoff time.

* Then again, if they weren't relying so much on goals by the Tertiary Scoring Team to win games, things would be a little easier on the nerves in the third period. A goal by Jack...that's it?!?!

* Half way through the second period the passion was still burning. Ivanans and Simmonds tried letting their fists do some talking. You had the ol' time hockey feeling. You could tell a division rival was in town. It was a tight, one goal game. And then, poof, it all just disappeared. Defensive shell. Kings get out shot 12-5 in the third. Done. I thought fights were supposed to energize your team, not deflate them.

* If you're a Dustin Brown fan, how bad did you want him to score in the shootout to win it? Sure, as a Kings fan you probably want every LA player to score. But the Brownie Bashing of late - in some circles - really needs to stop. The guy is a pure stud. Nobody ever said he was going to score 50 least they shouldn't have said that if they did. He brings more to the team than some realize. Don't just ask Lombardi, ask Brian Burke.

* Playoffs - people have been asking, so here you go...I'm not sure there is much of a difference in any of the four teams the Kings are likely to play - San Jose, Chicago, Vancouver or Phoenix. With the West being so, so tight this year the differences are probably marginal. Sure, you can talk about the pressure on the Sharks, the supposed goaltending issues in Chicago (not sure I buy it, they've been getting it done all season) or the youth in Phoenix. Bottom line though, none of the teams are an easy match up and the Kings will need to elevate their level of play in order to win a round. If you force me to pick though, here is my preferred order: Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver, Chicago.

* Down on the Farm I - former first round picks Thomas Hickey (out with a shoulder injury) and Jonathan Bernier (on an audition in LA - how Hollywood of him) returned to the line-up in Manchester. The Monarchs pitched a shutout and will be returning to the playoffs in the coming weeks.

* Down on the Farm II - The Kings also signed the new WHL scoring champion - Brandon Kozun - to a three year entry level contract. His Calgary Hitmen are currently playing in the second round of the playoffs. Read more on Brandon by clicking here.

* Down on the Farm III - another former first round pick scored his first professional goal last night for the Ontario Reign in the ECHL. 'Mr Nasty' Colten Teubert had a solid outing - with a goal, an assist, a +4 rating and he picked up the third star of the night. Unfortunately, the Reign won't be in the playoffs - so his playing days in SoCal are over for now. The next question is can they find they room for him in Manchester or will he shut it down until training camp? I recently posted a one-on-one interview with Teubert - click here to read it.

Long suffering Kings fans know the drill. Nothing comes easy in LA. Barry Melrose likes to say it's more important how your team is playing heading into the playoffs than where you finish.

If the Kings can win in Anaheim on Tuesday, all will be forgiven...

Until the next game, right?!?

The Mayor

p.s. If you don't tweet...or if you don't normally follow me on's worth clicking over and checking out two pictures from last night...a few funny fans at the game last night.


  1. What is this "Negative Nancy"? Please help me undersatnd this.

  2. Negative Nancy is the cousin of Debby Downer. They grew up nearby as childen and then separated in their teens when Nancy's parents moved out of state.