Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where's the Beef?

Will Dean Lombardi finally get his wish tonight?

For much of the last month or so whenever I asked Dean about Westgarth's role and Ivanans' long term future with the Kings he would get this semi-evil gleam in his eye as he (what seemed like) sarcastically talked about keeping both of them in LA. It wasn't uncommon for him to remark that he was tired of the Kings getting pushed around the last few years - especially against the Ducks.

Well, the usually serious Dean Lomabardi will probably have a somewhat sinister smile on his face tonight as he strolls the halls of Staples Center before the puck drops at 7:30.

According to the coaching staff, both Westgarth and Ivanans will be in the line-up tonight...and on the same those pesky Ducks head up the 5 freeway to meet the Kings.

When those two aren't out on the ice looking for trouble, a few of the Kings kids who will do their best to keep the Ducks at bay. The prospect camp MVP, Kyle Clifford (see previous blog), is also expected to get plenty of ice time tonight. This kid has shown an "appreciation" for dropping the gloves and will probably get more than one opportunity tonight when the Kings meet their cross town rivals.

Still want more? Don't forget about pesky Richard Clune. My favorite quote on this kid came from a scout I was talking to last week about Clune's chances in the NHL. The scout remarked "Think Avery, without the stupid."

Should be the usual Kings-Ducks war. This time with a little more beef behind the crown.


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Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Kings tickets & new poll

Would you like to win a pair of tickets to the Kings game on Tuesday 10/6 vs. the Sharks? To kick off our first ever contest we're going to keep things pretty simple, yet still have some fun. We just posted a new poll on the right side of the homepage ( asking who will win the inaugural Eddie Joyal award. To win the tickets vote in the poll and reply to this post. Your comment below (which is your official entry) must be posted by 11:59 p.m. on Monday 9/21/09. Please note you must name a specific LA Kings player. If you select "Another Player" in the poll, please list your specific player in your comment. The winner of the tickets will be randomly selected from all correct answers posted as a comment below. Good luck!


If you aren't familiar with the Eddie Joyal Award, click here to read the story.

Official Rules: No purchase necessary to enter. Prize is two tickets to Kings-Sharks game at Staples Center on 10/6/09. Does not include travel, spending money, parking or anything else - just two tickets. All rights reserved. All entries must be posted by 11:59 pm on 9/21/09. All U.S. residents are eligible, travel is the sole responsible of the winner. Must be 18 years old to win. These tickets belong to and have nothing to do with the Los Angeles Kings, the NHL or any affiliated party. Winner agrees to comply with liability and all rules listed on the tickets and at the venue. is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Once winner receives tickets, winner is solely responsible for all liability from that point forward. By participating each entrant agrees to release and its affiliates from any and all liability that may occur, directly or indirectly, from trying to win tickets or attending the event. Further, winner agrees to smile and have fun at the game. Cannot wear Sharks t-shirt or hat. Must cheer loudly each time the LA Kings score. For a copy of the official rules, please cut/paste this information into a Word doc and select print.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interview with Greg Hetson

Sports and music go hand in hand. I haven't been to an arena or stadium in the country that doesn't blare some music - usually rock music - during breaks in the action. So, it's not surprising that hidden among the 18,000 faithful that fill Staples Center most nights the Kings play is a true punk rock legend. In the last 25 years this man has toured the world over several times with multiple bands. He is a member of two of the most important and influential punk bands of all time, the Circle Jerks and Bad Religion.

And he's a Kings fan!

MayorsManor had a chance to chat with guitarist Greg Hetson recently; not just about music, but his other passion too - Kings hockey.

MM:  You were born in NY, but have lived in LA practically your whole life. So, how did you get into hockey?

GH:  I was pretty much hooked from the first time I saw it. I grew up in Hawthorne, so we went to the local ice skating rink - I think it was called Olympic Ice Arena or something like that over in Harbor City. We were just there for public skating but we couldn't skate because the ice was being used for hockey. I thought it was cool and just got into it from that moment. That was around 1971. Soon after I found out about the Kings and started going to games.

Being a fan for that long you've seen a lot of different players come through Los Angeles. Do you have one all time favorite?

Marcel Dionne. The guy was so talented. He was like Mario Lemieux, just about a foot shorter. Every time he was on the ice you just knew something great was about to happen. I loved watching him play. Actually, just recently I had the chance to meet him and he is a super cool guy. I played in Luc's celebrity game with him up in Park City. That was a lot of fun.

Sounds like it. What position did you play and did you score at all?

I was a winger. Unfortunately, I didn't get any goals. I did have about 7 shots on goal though. Just never put one in.

If you were a player on the current team, who would you be?

I'd have to be a forecheck guy. I'd be a pest. Not dirty, just a pest. Like maybe Esa Tikkanen back in the day. On the current team I'd probably be Wayne Simmonds.

Coming to games since the 70's means you've seen a lot of memorable games. Is there any one game that stands out in your mind?

Well, the '93 Finals. Of course, it was heartbreaking!  But it was good too. Good to actually see the Stanley Cup Finals in LA. There have been some double or triple overtime games in the playoffs that were pretty cool too. There was a game against Calgary back at the Forum with a disputed goal (the famous 1990 playoff game, where later Mike Krushelnyski scored to beat Vernon and win the game). I don't remember it being a goal, but they gave it the Kings.

And then there was the playoff game versus Detroit a few years ago at Staples. It went into several overtimes and my daughter had fallen asleep in my arms in the third period. I didn't want to move her. So, the longer the game went on the more numb my hand got. My pinky still has some slight nerve damage left over from that night. So, I took one for the team. (he laughs)

Athletes have lots of crazy stories from being on the road so much. What about you - anything significant stand out from all the touring you've done?

Probably the craziest thing I ever saw was a show Bad Religion did in San Sebastian, Spain. About 20 seconds into the first song the floor collapsed and all the fans fell through to the level below us. It was scary seeing all of these people in what looked like a giant sink hole. They were just looking up at us scared, not knowing what to do. Some of them had broken bones and stuff. The place was like 1,000 people over capacity. It was nuts.

Sounds scary. When you're in other countries that have hockey, like places in Europe, do ever get a chance to catch a game?

We did go see a Swedish game in Stockholm once. It was good quality, just not as intense as an NHL game. There wasn't as much hitting. I've also seen some Jr. games in Canada.

How about the Kings - do you ever squeeze in a road game while touring in North America?

Of yea, I've had the chance to see lots of road games - New York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto. We actually went to a lot of those cities and saw the old buildings before they tore them down - like old Chicago Stadium, Boston Gardens and Toronto. I've seen a few of the newer buildings too.

Any memories from those games that stand out?

Well, I loved old Boston Garden. It was so cool. I even wore my Kings shirt and the fans there were giving me shit when the Kings scored. It was a great time.

You've played with lots of other musicians in super groups or whatever you want to call them...the Kings have several other musicians as fans. If there was a super group put together of just Kings fans who else would be in the band with you?

Rob Zombie, of course, he is a huge Kings fan. Jay and Greg (from Bad Religion) are fans too. They come to games with me sometimes. The guys in the Briggs are fans. Darrin from Goldfinger. And on the last Warped Tour I was talking with one of the guys from Bayside - he was a hockey fan too. Oh yea, and we can't forget Melvin (from NOFX).

Recently you've been DJing. That's quite different from playing guitar in a punk band. How did you get into that?

A friend of mine is the manager of a bar and just said he needed somebody and asked me if I was interested. He said he liked my taste in music. Its fun. I try to play some stuff that people probably don't hear otherwise.

Is that something you plan on doing more often in the future?

I don't know. I'll probably do it occasionally.

You've obviously been to tons of Kings games, have any players returned the favor and come see you perform?

The only one I know of was Felix Potvin. We actually met him back when he was in Toronto and he likes punk music, so he came to some shows. So that was pretty cool to have him there being that I'm such a hockey groupie. But, he's the only Kings player that I know has come to one of our shows.

I see a lot similarities between being on a hockey team and being in a band. Like, the travel, everybody needing to know their role, etc. Do you see any comparisons between the two?

For sure. First off, your paid to perform. The need for good chemistry. Communication. They're a lot alike.

Actually, both need a little dysfunction to be successful too. You need that grit to sometimes light a fire under the ass of some guys. In both professions you need that team captain to sometimes come into the room and get after the other guys. It's important.

You're getting ready to tour Australia soon. What's the story with that and any plans when you get back?

Well, we (Bad Religion) leave this weekend for a tour of Australia and New Zealand. We'll be playing with NOFX.

Then in October we have a couple of shows with Pearl Jam in Philadelphia. In fact, we're playing at the Spectrum and I heard it will be the last set of shows there before they blow the place up. So, as a hockey fan that's pretty special. The Flyers made that place famous.

When all of that is finished it'll probably be time to start working on a new Bad Religion record.

Finally, if Bad religion was going to play one last show, who would you pick to open up for you?

Oh, that's a tough one. I guess I'd have to go with NOFX.

Thanks for your time. Travel safe.

Thank you. Can't wait to get back to Staples for some more Kings games once I'm home.


Big thanks to Greg for taking some time out of his busy schedule. It's always great to talk hockey with Kings fans, especially those as passionate as he is.

Someday when the Kings finally win the Stanley Cup, I hope it's Wild in the Streets all throughout downtown LA.

The Mayor


Interview with Joey from The Briggs - they sing the Kings anthem 'This is LA'

Interview with Luc Robitaille - Kings legend, member of Hockey Hall of Fame

Interview with Marcel Dionne - Kings legend, member of Hockey Hall of Fame

Old flyer photo courtesy of  *  Hetson photo courtesy of Denis Farley


Rabid Wolverines Running Wild in Staples

Go Big Blue! I'm kinda surprised I didn't hear it being chanted throughout Staples during last night's Kings game. Perhaps the sound guys at Staples don't have The Victors, Michigan's fight song, on cd. If they did, they probably should have played it when the game was over. If you're a Michigan Wolverine fan, you had plenty to cheer about Tuesday night during the Kings-Coyotes game. In fact, if you weren't there, you should have been. There were plenty of seats for you and your friends. It felt like there were only about 3,500 people in the building.

The crowd was so thin I thought I'd have a little fun and try to count them myself. However, I kept getting interrupted by those pesky Wolverines.

17 minutes in, the Kings Jack Johnson, a former blue line stud at Michigan, nets the first goal of the evening...firing a shot past Phoenix goalie Al Montoya, who played at...wait for it...Michigan!

And I resumed my counting...1,218 - 1,219 - 1,220...

Only to be interrupted again less than three minutes later by former Michigan captain, Kevin Porter. He assisted on a goal by the Coyotes' Mikkel Boedker. This tied the game at 1-1 Kings-Coyotes. Or I guess Michigan 1 - Michigan 1.

Second period came and I needed to get some caffeine for all the counting I had planned in the second. So, I tried the newest concession stand feature at Staples - a $6.50 bottomless soda. That's right, they'll refill it for you as many times as you want (the same night). Great.

Once the second period was underway I immediately got back to counting the crowd.

About five minutes later I'm interrupted - AGAIN - by that pesky Porter kid. This time he assists on Keith Yandle's wrister, putting the Coyotes up by a goal. Or Michigan up by a goal.

Side note. Porter must really have some leadership skill. You know that thing Dean is always talking about. First, he wears the "C" at Michigan. Then, last week is wearing the "C" for the baby-Yotes during the two-game prospect series vs the Kings at TSC (see previous blogs). On Tuesday, now playing with the big club, he is wearing an "A". Must be some sort of born leader.

A few minutes later there's a play down in the corner. Who is banging some bodies around and looking for the puck, none other than Chad Koalarik...that's right, Porter's teammate back in Ann Arbor. That's a hat trick of Wolverines on the Coyotes alone. New Yorkers go to Florida in the winter. I guess Michigan-ites go to Phoenix?

Back to counting. I was even able to keep it going for more than 10 minutes...and then...

Justin Williams (not from Michigan, surprise) put the puck past the Coyotes goalie, Montoya (M). What's the score now? Is Michigan winning?

The period came to end and I hit the soda stand again for a refill. More caffeine please.

I was able to really make some progress on the people counting for the first eight minutes of the third. Then, all hell broke loose.

Jack Johnson (M) assisted on a Kings goal at 8:39.

Less than two minutes later Johnson (M) scored a short handed goal on fellow Michigan alum, Montoya. Michigan leads. I think.

Kevin Porter (M) decided he needed to be heard from again at 11:59, assisting on Peter Mueller's goal.

This is about the time when I expected to see the Michigan marching band storm the ice. It didn't happen. However, I had to use the restroom from all the soda. When I returned I never started counting again. I was tired of being interrupted by those rabid wolverines.

For it's worth, the only penalty committed by Michigan on Tuesday wasn't for encroachment. It was, who else, Kevin Porter...he took a hooking penalty about seven minutes into the third.

Game over.

The Kings' game notes say that the official attendance was 8,432. I'll believe them.

Anybody know when Ohio State comes to town?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Official Contest Rules

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Please note: these rules are subject to immediate change in the future, based on the needs of MayorsManor.

The Eddie Joyal Award

In the summer of '67 there were certainly plenty of questions heading into the King's first training camp. This was different than the team of "assets" Dean Lombardi and staff have been assembling here in Los Angeles the past few years. This was a team of "miscellaneous parts." As an expansion team, Jack Kent Cooke's upstart group was a hodgepodge of pieces acquired from the original six teams; plus some free agents, misfits, leftovers, cast offs and other assorted guys on skates.

Without a proper training facility in SoCal back then, camp was held in Canada. And after weeks of drills, scrimmages and just a general getting to know you atmosphere it was time for the Kings to wear their now famed purple and gold jerseys for their very first pre-season game on September 18, 1967.

The Kings never led in the game and eventually lost 7-3. However, a name that was soon to become extremely popular with the initial group of fans showed up twice on the score sheets that night. Netting two assists in the game was one of the King's first real superstars - Eddie Joyal.

Joyal, the guy who wore #16 before Marcel Dionne, went on to net 23 goals during the inaugural campaign and added 34 assists to lead the Kings in points. He followed that up during the Kings second season with 33 goals and 52 points, both team highs. Like today's game, where the biggest stars are usually the goalscorers, Joyal was one of the main guys LA fans would come to see.

As a tribute to all he did for...and all he meant to...the first group of guys that ever proclaimed "We are Kings", as the Mayor I'm proud to introduce the newest offering here at

the Eddie Joyal Award

This prestigious honor will be earned by the Kings player tallying the most preseason points. Sure, preseason means little in the big picture. However, it certainly meant something to Eddie Joyal in September of '67. And it still means something to some Kings fans.

As summer winds to a completion each year the diehards look forward to the start of training camp and all that comes with it. The first look at some draft picks, speculating on line combinations and debating where the team will finish the season - all topics of delight for hockey starved fans in LA. Equally important is the feeling of hope that hangs heavy in the air. Hope that the sum of the Kings parts will equate to having a chance to win most nights.

Eddie Joyal was part of that hope in 1967-68.

Of course, greatness in the preseason doesn't guarantee anything in the regular season. Yet, scoring goals in these meaningless games gives some fans hope that more will follow during the regular season.

Before Eddie Joyal led the Kings in points during that first season, he had two helpers in the first preseason game.

Here's hoping your favorite player puts up some points tonight to kick off this year's preseason. Who knows - if he gets on a role, your guy could even end up winning the inaugural Eddie Joyal Award in just a few weeks.

The Mayor

Monday, September 14, 2009

Reasons & Reasoning with your LA Kings

Dean Lombardi has indicated several times he isn't a fan of slogans. Sure McChris and his staff need them for marketing purposes, but this one is different. Some claim the "Only Reason We're Here" shirts being sported by the players are meant as a sign of unity. I prefer to see it more as an individual reminder. Sure, the playoffs are why we're all here. Yet, each player needs to know why they are here as individuals concurrent with their "team first" thoughts. In fact, achieving their personal goals will only help ensure that the overall goal is met.

Dustin Brown - present and accounted for. You're here to lead this hockey team. Take the reigns and make this YOUR club 23. If anybody is getting the tattoo, you're first.

Alexander Frolov - you're here to put the puck in the net on a regular basis. Be solid defensively. And most importantly, you're here to sign the extension.

Ryan Smyth - this one is simple. You're here for three reasons. To stay healthy, to crash the net and show the kids how this game needs to be played.

Justin Williams - the reason? We love projects in LA. Some turn out in our favor (see Zeus). Others don't (see...well, that's a long list).

Anze Kopitar - that contract is why you're here. Its a compliment, not a criticism. Last year is done, we're moving on. This year, everybody - from Kings fans to the coaching staff - believes the reason you're here is to have a monster year.

Jon Quick - the reason you're here is stop the puck, sure that's obvious. But, lets be real - some will get by you. That's ok. The real reason you're here is to give this team confidence. Over the last few years Kings fans have become all to familiar with the difference between a team playing with confidence in their goaltender vs. teams lacking it. Make 'em believe. That's why you're here.

Zeiler, Gauthier and Harold - I'm not sure why you're here. Please explain yourself. In fact, Andy Murray would greatly appreciate each of you having a one paged typed explanation ready in the morning that beings with "The Reason I'm Here..."


Dinner with Dean - Well, I'm sure somebody had dinner with Dean. It just wasn't me. I did however have a chance to catch up with him for some quotes on the recently completed rookie camp.

* Regarding this summer's second round draft pick, Kyle Clifford, being selected by Mark Hardy as this year's rookie camp MVP (story here: Clifford MVP) the Kings General Manager couldn't disagree. He said the kid's toughness is off the chart. Not that he only wants to see Clifford fight, but he felt you have to be impressed with a kid willing to fight guys six years his elder. The term "future power forward" continues to be thrown around TSC whenever Cliffor's name is mentioned.

* Continuing on the toughness (read: fighting) front, Dean was once again beaming at the overall attitude shown by the kids last week. Back at Hockey Fest he had commented how fun it would be to dress Westgarth and Ivanans against teams like Anaheim (a team he specifically said he was "tired of going in there and getting pushed around by"). Back then that comment was followed by a slightly devilish laugh. Well, the sparkle was back in his eye and coupled with an ear to ear grin as he talked about the two game series vs. the young Coyotes. He finished with "I'll tell you one thing, in two years teams won't be coming in here and pushing us around anymore."

* More toughness...the player that is quickly becoming the latest lighting rod of discussion among Kings fans - Mr Nasty, Colten Teubert...Dean said he is happy with where he is in terms of his development. He didn't seem to want to discuss the criticism that some people have served up in the last week regarding Mr Nasty's lack of discipline vs the Coyotes. Not surprisingly, I actually understand where Dean is coming from. Some Kings fans are taking this whole "play the kids" thing too far. Goalies and Defenseman just aren't supposed to mature into NHL caliber players until 24, 25, 26 years old. People trying to convince others that Teubert should make the team this year aren't seeing the big picture or are punch drunk with the success of Drew Doughty last year. Again, its an aberration - kids that young aren't even supposed to logically play in the NHL, let alone be that frickin good. He is a freak of nature. Teubert isn't ready yet. That doesn't mean give up on him either. He's young, he's still developing. Stop trying to rush everybody up.

Three might be company, but two is enough. Jack is still a kid too. Having two high end defensive prospects (yes, JMFJ and #8 are still somewhat prospects and hopefulls, certainly more so than proven NHL stars)...two is enough to try and mentor this season.

I'm dubbing this season in Manchester "the season of simmer". No, Charlie isn't coming back. More like there is something good a-cookin' out there on the right just isn't don't yet. Let's set it to simmer and keep an eye on it for now.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Training Camp Opens : Love is in the Air 8:30 a.m. this morning and the 2009-10 season takes the first step towards officially camp opens with the pros at TSC.

9:00 a.m. and its official, we have a budding bro-mance on our hands. Anze Kopitar and Ryan Smyth just cant seem to get enough of each other. And that's more than a good thing folks. We don't just want a team that gets along or team mates that have good communication. We want a few guys to REALLY like the guys they play with.

If you were at Hockey Fest a few weeks ago you could still sense the genuine love between Dionne, Talyor and Simmer. These guys truly enjoyed each other. If this morning's session on the ice was any indication, Kopi and Rhyno are digging each other.

These two were following each other around like kids on a school yard. Practically inseparable (and no, not just because they were on the same line, it was more than that). At nearly every stoppage of play, these two were off to the side, chatting, playing with the puck, shooting, skating...and most of all, laughing. Kopi's stomach muscles and face must be hurting. The kid never stopped smiling the entire time! Again, this is a good problem to have.

Three other observations from the opening of camp:

* This one is for all you fashionistas out there. The Kings looked like a bunch of skittles out on the ice this morning. I was fine with the black jerseys. The purple jerseys were great looking. Yellow isn't a problem, as it seems kinda retro. Even the red jersey doesn't really bother me (maybe because seeing Peter Harold skate around in it I kept imagining a Boston College logo instead of a crown).

All of that aside, the one jersey that really bugs me to no end...the green one. It's horrible. The Kings crown should never be within 20 feet of that color. I'm not even sure if the Coyotes move to Hartford and resurrect the Whalers you'd want that green sweater back in the league. What's the problem, were all the white ones dirty?

* One of the great things about hockey are all the different sticks. By comparison, in baseball you have essentially just three colors of bats - black, cherry and natural. So they look alike for the most part. In hockey there are so many different colors, styles, etc. Over the last few years, some of the differences have started to diminish as most guys switched to the one piece composite sticks. Every once and awhile you see something that stands out though. Ryan Smyth still plays with an old school vibe - he uses a wooden blade. Hey, whatever works.

* I've written several times about how consistent Dean Lombardi is. In part, this is why I was never worked up over the recent Marleau rumors. That deal just smelled bad from the start (as in nothing like a "Dean Deal"), regardless of what people were reporting. Well, some of that consistency might be creeping over into the coaching staff. Throughout the summer they were pretty open about how they saw the line combinations shaping up - regardless of various online debates about where Frolov should play...and guess what, the lines used to open camp were pretty much what they said they would be (wow, that sounded very Dennis Green to me...Cardinals / Bears, you remember right?). In case you somehow missed it, that means:

Smyth - Kopitar - Williams
Purcell - Stoll - Brown
Frolov - Handzus - Simmonds

as the top three lines and some combination of Harrold - Westgarth - Ivanans - Moller - Zeiler - Richardson - Lewis to make up the fourth line.

Of course, that's not factoring in two other things. One, Stoll may not be ready to go. Which could mean Moller sneaks into that spot. Second, this assumes that one of the other kids doesn't jump up and grab a spot ala Simmonds last year. Dean has gone on record and said he doesn't see somebody pulling a "Simmonds" this year.

However, that could just be posturing used to keep fan and media pressure off the kids and/or something to be used as a little extra motivation for one (or a few) of the prospects. If you have kids yourself, you know how they just hate it when you tell them they can't do something.

If those combinations end up as the top three lines, I'd be ok with most of them. The bro-mance line should be the offensive line Kings fans have been craving the last few years. Kopi is primed for a big, big year. Williams is supposedly back 100% and ready to go. Rhyno, well - he's "that guy" the Kings have been lacking since the Deadmarsh days.

Line three is rock solid. They played well together last year and have all the elements needed to make a successful line. Which brings us back to line two. Two of the three spots are questionable. And Brown isn't one of them.

Kings fans have 48 hours to lay out their opinions on the all the various line combinations - and we haven't even tackled the defensive pairings yet. Time is ticking though because come Tuesday, there is a split squad situation. Who goes to KC, who stays in LA...and what are the possible implications about people playing together that night? For example, if Moller and Purcell go to KC and Brown stays in LA, what does that say about the potential line two pairings?

Ah, its only day one and my head already hurts.

I'm sure glad hockey is back. I haven't felt this good since April.

The Mayor