Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rabid Wolverines Running Wild in Staples

Go Big Blue! I'm kinda surprised I didn't hear it being chanted throughout Staples during last night's Kings game. Perhaps the sound guys at Staples don't have The Victors, Michigan's fight song, on cd. If they did, they probably should have played it when the game was over. If you're a Michigan Wolverine fan, you had plenty to cheer about Tuesday night during the Kings-Coyotes game. In fact, if you weren't there, you should have been. There were plenty of seats for you and your friends. It felt like there were only about 3,500 people in the building.

The crowd was so thin I thought I'd have a little fun and try to count them myself. However, I kept getting interrupted by those pesky Wolverines.

17 minutes in, the Kings Jack Johnson, a former blue line stud at Michigan, nets the first goal of the evening...firing a shot past Phoenix goalie Al Montoya, who played at...wait for it...Michigan!

And I resumed my counting...1,218 - 1,219 - 1,220...

Only to be interrupted again less than three minutes later by former Michigan captain, Kevin Porter. He assisted on a goal by the Coyotes' Mikkel Boedker. This tied the game at 1-1 Kings-Coyotes. Or I guess Michigan 1 - Michigan 1.

Second period came and I needed to get some caffeine for all the counting I had planned in the second. So, I tried the newest concession stand feature at Staples - a $6.50 bottomless soda. That's right, they'll refill it for you as many times as you want (the same night). Great.

Once the second period was underway I immediately got back to counting the crowd.

About five minutes later I'm interrupted - AGAIN - by that pesky Porter kid. This time he assists on Keith Yandle's wrister, putting the Coyotes up by a goal. Or Michigan up by a goal.

Side note. Porter must really have some leadership skill. You know that thing Dean is always talking about. First, he wears the "C" at Michigan. Then, last week is wearing the "C" for the baby-Yotes during the two-game prospect series vs the Kings at TSC (see previous blogs). On Tuesday, now playing with the big club, he is wearing an "A". Must be some sort of born leader.

A few minutes later there's a play down in the corner. Who is banging some bodies around and looking for the puck, none other than Chad Koalarik...that's right, Porter's teammate back in Ann Arbor. That's a hat trick of Wolverines on the Coyotes alone. New Yorkers go to Florida in the winter. I guess Michigan-ites go to Phoenix?

Back to counting. I was even able to keep it going for more than 10 minutes...and then...

Justin Williams (not from Michigan, surprise) put the puck past the Coyotes goalie, Montoya (M). What's the score now? Is Michigan winning?

The period came to end and I hit the soda stand again for a refill. More caffeine please.

I was able to really make some progress on the people counting for the first eight minutes of the third. Then, all hell broke loose.

Jack Johnson (M) assisted on a Kings goal at 8:39.

Less than two minutes later Johnson (M) scored a short handed goal on fellow Michigan alum, Montoya. Michigan leads. I think.

Kevin Porter (M) decided he needed to be heard from again at 11:59, assisting on Peter Mueller's goal.

This is about the time when I expected to see the Michigan marching band storm the ice. It didn't happen. However, I had to use the restroom from all the soda. When I returned I never started counting again. I was tired of being interrupted by those rabid wolverines.

For it's worth, the only penalty committed by Michigan on Tuesday wasn't for encroachment. It was, who else, Kevin Porter...he took a hooking penalty about seven minutes into the third.

Game over.

The Kings' game notes say that the official attendance was 8,432. I'll believe them.

Anybody know when Ohio State comes to town?


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  1. Wow, somebody has an expansive knowledge of College Hockey, especially U of M. Go Blue!!!