Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where's the Beef?

Will Dean Lombardi finally get his wish tonight?

For much of the last month or so whenever I asked Dean about Westgarth's role and Ivanans' long term future with the Kings he would get this semi-evil gleam in his eye as he (what seemed like) sarcastically talked about keeping both of them in LA. It wasn't uncommon for him to remark that he was tired of the Kings getting pushed around the last few years - especially against the Ducks.

Well, the usually serious Dean Lomabardi will probably have a somewhat sinister smile on his face tonight as he strolls the halls of Staples Center before the puck drops at 7:30.

According to the coaching staff, both Westgarth and Ivanans will be in the line-up tonight...and on the same those pesky Ducks head up the 5 freeway to meet the Kings.

When those two aren't out on the ice looking for trouble, a few of the Kings kids who will do their best to keep the Ducks at bay. The prospect camp MVP, Kyle Clifford (see previous blog), is also expected to get plenty of ice time tonight. This kid has shown an "appreciation" for dropping the gloves and will probably get more than one opportunity tonight when the Kings meet their cross town rivals.

Still want more? Don't forget about pesky Richard Clune. My favorite quote on this kid came from a scout I was talking to last week about Clune's chances in the NHL. The scout remarked "Think Avery, without the stupid."

Should be the usual Kings-Ducks war. This time with a little more beef behind the crown.


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