Monday, September 14, 2009

Reasons & Reasoning with your LA Kings

Dean Lombardi has indicated several times he isn't a fan of slogans. Sure McChris and his staff need them for marketing purposes, but this one is different. Some claim the "Only Reason We're Here" shirts being sported by the players are meant as a sign of unity. I prefer to see it more as an individual reminder. Sure, the playoffs are why we're all here. Yet, each player needs to know why they are here as individuals concurrent with their "team first" thoughts. In fact, achieving their personal goals will only help ensure that the overall goal is met.

Dustin Brown - present and accounted for. You're here to lead this hockey team. Take the reigns and make this YOUR club 23. If anybody is getting the tattoo, you're first.

Alexander Frolov - you're here to put the puck in the net on a regular basis. Be solid defensively. And most importantly, you're here to sign the extension.

Ryan Smyth - this one is simple. You're here for three reasons. To stay healthy, to crash the net and show the kids how this game needs to be played.

Justin Williams - the reason? We love projects in LA. Some turn out in our favor (see Zeus). Others don't (see...well, that's a long list).

Anze Kopitar - that contract is why you're here. Its a compliment, not a criticism. Last year is done, we're moving on. This year, everybody - from Kings fans to the coaching staff - believes the reason you're here is to have a monster year.

Jon Quick - the reason you're here is stop the puck, sure that's obvious. But, lets be real - some will get by you. That's ok. The real reason you're here is to give this team confidence. Over the last few years Kings fans have become all to familiar with the difference between a team playing with confidence in their goaltender vs. teams lacking it. Make 'em believe. That's why you're here.

Zeiler, Gauthier and Harold - I'm not sure why you're here. Please explain yourself. In fact, Andy Murray would greatly appreciate each of you having a one paged typed explanation ready in the morning that beings with "The Reason I'm Here..."



  1. Why do you have to bag on BC? He's much more of a hockey player than the 2 you lumped him with. Really Goats???? Oh well, you knew you were going to get that response from me....;-)

    And did you mean Terry Murray? I love Andy too, but....