Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kings player preview - Twitter style

You have to love Twitter. Basically, you have 140 characters or less to explain your point, your thought or your question.

Technology is great.

Let's apply it to a player preview for this year's #LAKings team and see what kind of fun we can have:

2 Matt Greene - once thought 2b a "throw in" in the Lubo deal, u were so huge for the Kings, u earned that A...keep blocking shots, just protect ur face

3 Jack Johnson - players r taught 2block stuff out, so last yr is over, lets move on & c the return of JMFJ...time 2elevate ur game - other kids may be knocking

5 Peter Harrold - always a fan of BC guys, still unsure of your spot, until then keep the versatility, both D & Fwd, just don't become a turnover machine

6 Sean O'Donnell - so glad ur back, last year's mentoring was great, now its time 2push #8 out of the nest...ever so gently

7 Rob Scuderi - solid signing, Kings fans will love only request - be sure 2show ur ring to the team EVERY week, remind them what they're playing for

8 Drew Doughty - no kid your age should be playing in the NHL, let alone be as good as u sophomore jinx here, just rinse & repeat

9 Oscar Moller - sorry kid, u didn't make the team (yet), don't sulk though...things happen, you'll be up at some point...learn to love the corners

11 Anze Kopitar - read carefully, WE NEED U, need u 2play big every night, need u 2become my Bruce Buffer voice "IT'S TIME..."

14 Justin Williams - Dean's latest time 4a warm up year (like Zues), need u now...last guy 2 wear #14 in LA was a warrior (& the "C"), make him proud

17 Wayne Simmonds - last yr is over, continue 2 develop...bring the same passion & hustle u had last yr &this season will be another step fwd (the next Lappy?)

23 Dustin Brown - this is your team, this is your life, like U2, just keep the hits Ryhno and the other vets and keep growing and maturing...take charge

24 Alexander Frolov - contract yr, need I say like it...bring ur A game every night, then sign the extension...c u in the playoffs, in a KINGS uniform

26 Michal Handzus - 3rd line doesn't mean 3rd rate...25 goals from u & keep ur linemates involved...yr 2 was better than yr 1, third years the charm

28 Jarret Stoll - head up, heart in the game...write me a blog about the 5 reasons you love hockey...then re-read it before every game this year

31 Erik Ersberg - be on standby if Quick stumbles

32 Jonathan Quick - counting on you to take the reigns and become the #1 guy...last year gives fans reason 2b excited heading into this season

33 Kevin Westgarth - love the energy...hope to see you in LA most of the year...its up to u, can u earn the spot...yes u can scrap, but do u deserve minutes? TBD

41 Ratis Ivanans - big guy, big hands...heavy hands...yet, if people wont fight you, what role do u play...hmmm...just don't want to c u on ice with <8 left

44 Davis Drewiske - the less we talk about you this year probably = the better the season ur having

54 Teddy Purcell - can you play at this level (especially on 2nd line), jury is still out...see my blog a few days ago w/ comments from the Captain

94 Ryan Smyth - should enjoy coming through home team tunnel w/ same intensity u always brought to Staples & we'll be fine (27 goals this yr)

I had nothing of importance for:

15 Brad Richardson -

53 Alec Martinez -

61 Trevor Lewis -

Leave a comment with your thoughts on one of those three...or disagree with my notes above.


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