Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Feature - High/Low with LA Kings coach Terry Murray

Today begins the launch of a new feature here at Mayors Manor...

It's a little piece called High/Low, where the object is to give your "high" and "low" moment for the day. Or in the case of the Kings, usually it will reference the high/low of the game.

First up is Kings Head Coach, Terry Murray.

For much of the last week the Coach has been on the ice leading the young Kings prospects through their camp - carefully explaining...and often reexplaining...what he and the other coaches want from the team and from each player as individuals.

After watching yesterday's terrible performance against the Coyotes the Coach chose not to speak to the team last night. Perhaps it was his way of not stepping over the coaches that were behind the bench for the disappointing 6-1 loss. Perhaps he needed time to collect his thoughts. Regardless, he did address the prospect team this morning and again reminded them that you have to work hard every shift, every night to play in the NHL.

Later this afternoon I caught up with Coach Murray and asked him to help us kick off the new High/Low feature. Here were his comments on game one:

HIGH - Competitiveness. (note: I must have looked perplexed when he said this, as he followed up with...) Guys were aggressive - not just with the fights - but, battling for pucks.

LOW - Team Play. There were too many guys playing as individuals.

Thanks Coach.

Currently there is no charge to play along at home. Leave a comment with your high/low from Wednesday's game.

The Mayor

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  1. High- The Kings Rookies won

    Low- I couldn't be there to see it