Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What To Do About Nothing (updated)

Alexander Frolov is an enigma. The Kings have changed everything but his number. General Managers, Coaches and teammates have all tried to figure him out. Defining the problem is simple, solving it is the issue. Which Frolov will show up on a nightly basis? Flip a coin, your guess is as good as mine.

So, how about we have some fun with it? We have two pairs of tickets to see the Kings battle the Dallas Stars on Thursday 10/22 at Staples Center.

To win one of these pairs tell us what you think the Kings should do with the uber talented, equally frustrating Frolov. Should they bench him for an extended period? Cut his minutes? Change his linemates? Or...should they finally cut bait and trade him? Perhaps, you even have a different idea. Let us know.

It can be short, it can be long. Either way, simply post your comment below and you'll be entered into the contest. We'll randomly select two winners from all posts completed by 2pm on Thursday 10/22. Yes, its just that easy.

Be sure to either sign in with your AOL or Google account before posting and/or include your email address in your post. If you win, we'll need to contact you tomorrow afternoon to arrange ticket delivery.

Good luck!


UPDATE - Congratulations to readers "Brian M" and "Sarruh" for winning the tickets. We're attempting to contact you now. Please email us back at to arrange ticket delivery. If you didn't win, we'll have another contest up soon. Thanks to all that entered. Remember, follow us on twitter for other exclusive opportunities and info.

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  1. First off, I love your blog, and want to commend you on a very cool giveaway idea!!

    The Kings are a better team with Frolov in the lineup then without him. But this is a contract year for Frolov, and one would think that if there was ANY year that we would see a consistent Frolov, it would be this year! Whats amazing though is this is the same inconsistent Frolov that is consistently tops in the team in scoring, and lead the kings in scoring last season! This is the same Frolov who can control the puck down low as good as anyone else in the NHL, and can play a great 2-way game!! This is why its so frustrating when he is not playing up to his potential, because when he does he is INCREDIBLE!!

    So, what to do with him? I say you take it on a day by day basis. I don't think its time to force a trade, especially because his value has dropped thanks to the public scrutiny of his play. So I would put him back in the lineup and see if he has FINALLY gotten the picture; continue to give him the message that if his game slips, he is scratched, and work on a contact extension that pays him for level of commitment he wants to give on the ice.

    I personally think the scenario will play out as follows: Frolov will continue to be Frolov; the Kings will battle and make the playoffs, and thus Dean will not be able to trade him; he will get a taste of the playoffs and he will take his game to the next level, to which he immediately signs and extension and becomes a consistent top performer and solid teammate.

    Hey, I can dream, cant I?

    jt3_jon [at]

  2. I hope he finally has some luck in the new line up! He's been one of our best players in past seasons. We need everyone to be their best this year!

  3. Frolov is what he is. He's a guy that isn't going to play with much emotion. He's streaky and will disappear for stretches, but carry the team at other times. He's nice for the money he's being paid now, but probably not worth what he'll want in the future. I think Marleau will have his spot next year, so it comes down to where the Kings are at the trading deadline whether he ends the season on the roster or not. In the grand scheme of the Kings, I don't think he has the personality Lombardi wants on his Kings.

  4. He should wear a costume and be the Kings mascot. Might help him develope some social interaction abilities.

  5. While I would really love to see Fro stay on the team, for his moment where he displays that he can be a 1st line scorer, I think we could get a true 2nd liner for him. If Dean can get a true 2nd line guy who is consistent, a 20-30 guy, then I'd have to say "Bye, bye, Fro"

  6. I hate to say the Kings are better with Fro, but he does not want to play 110%. I know Dean liked that Fro was working hard before the season, but I think he has to go.

  7. I don't think Frolov is being put in a position to succeed or do what he's best at doing. I hope they roll out the Frolov-Handzus-Brown line for a few games to see what it can do.

    The experiment better freaking work. If it doesn't I'll have to invest in another new jersey...

  8. Not trying to get an extra entry, just forgot the contact info:


  9. Different lines would be intresting... come on trade frolov? No... he's an amazing player...

  10. I would like to see Frolov stay on the second line and bump Percell down to the third. I cant understand the trade talks since last year he had the most goals for our team. Does anyone else see that when he has the puck, no one can take it away from him? Why cycle the puck when he can do it for you and leave time for 2 other forwards to get open in front of the net? He sets up beautiful pays! I've seen at least 2 time where Frolov did his thing against the boards and fed the puck perfectly to the slot but no one was there. They would have been 2 guaranteed goals, but no one was paying attention. I think the coach needs to rethink his attitude of Frolov and give him a chance to play his game, or atleast find a balance. There must be something going on off the ice that is causing this talk.


  11. This is Tyler. Sorry, I didnt realize I could use my gmail account.

  12. Matt:

    I think that it is important for Frolov to enjoy playing hockey again. He is a goal scorer and was the leading goal scorer for the Kings last season.

    In my opinion Frolov would be a better fit on the first line playing LW with Kopitar at C and moving Smyth to RW. However, having said that... I would hate to mess with the chemistry of the existing first line since they have gotten out to an explosive start.

    For tonight's game, Williams is out with a lower-body injury. Instead of inserting a rookie like Lewis into the RW position, I would prefer to give Frolov the chance.

    I feel that Williams would be a better fit with Stoll and Brown on the second line and let Handzus, Simmonds, and perhaps Richardson continue to be effective as the Kings "shutdown" third line.

    If Frolov continues to underachieve according to management's perspective or if the first line's production falls off of it's current pace, then I think there is no question that Frolov has to be traded. He is a UFA at the end of the year and it is better to acquire something of value in return than to have a disgruntled player wasting playing time and cap space.

  13. Thanks Mayor!!! Can't wait for the game tonight! Go Kings Go!

  14. Thanks Mayor! Looking forward to watching Fro score a goal tonite!