Monday, November 2, 2009

High / Low: Marcel Dionne

As the season wears on, we're pushing forward here at MayorsManor too. Last week former Kings netminder Kelly Hrudey stopped by to give us his take on the young NHL season. In honor of the festivities coming up this weekend, we decided to talk to not only a former Kings legend, but a Hall of Famer - the original King of Kings, Marcel Dionne. Throughout his career and post hockey life Marcel has never been shy about his views on the league, the game, former name it, he'll give you his honest thoughts.

Here's what the great #16 had to say about the first month of play in the NHL:


  • Pittsburgh Penguins - Look at the way they've started the season, like playing all those games last year didn't hurt them a bit. The short summer didn't bother them. It's so tough to repeat, yet they look like they're headed to the same place. It's even more amazing because they lost some key players. Those guys compete at a very high level every night.
  • Washington Capitals - They play the game the way I liked to play the game. Just drop the puck and go...and keep going the whole game. Their coach, Bruce Boudreau, doesn't seem to care if they win 8-6. He just wants them to compete hard every game. That's fine with me. The only question mark on that team is the goaltending. Do they have enough to go all the way?
  • Los Angeles Kings - I'm not just saying this to you, they are so, so close. I was disappointed in the way they played on opening night, but they've turned it around since then. They did lose a few on the start of that long road trip, then came back and won four in a row. I'm just happy for their fans. They've been fed such b.s. for so long and always seem to be rebuilding. There are great fans in Los Angeles. Fans that are really loyal. Right now they're playing like I thought they would this year. Kopitar is amazing.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs - What do I need to say? It's been terrible.
  • Montreal Canadians - I don't think they have enough. With the 100th anniversary and everything the expectations were so high. I don't even think they'll make the playoffs. They're barely winning games. It's too bad they didn't get Vinny Lecavalier from Tampa Bay. He looks totally lost down there. I cant read him. But with their ownership situation and everything going on, he needs to get out of there and try it somewhere else. His confidence might be shot. As I've always said, confidence is everything to a player.
  • The NHLPA - The whole debacle with the Player's Association makes me sick. This thing has been a mess for a long, long time. A definite low.

There you have it, straight from the mouth of one of the greatest players to ever lace up the skates. Marcel Dionne played for the LA Kings from 1975 to 1987. He was only the third player in history to tally over 700 goals, finishing his career with 731. Dionne is in the top 10 of almost every major offensive category for the Kings. His number was retired to the Forum rafters in 1990 and two years later he took his rightful place along side all of the other hockey legends in the Hall of Fame.



  1. At PHX last night the Los Angeles had not won after trailing after two periods since a 3-2 win at Boston on March 19. The Coyotes set franchise record-low attendance marks in each of their past two games. There were 6,495 at Jobing.Com Arena for Phoenix's 3-2 shootout win over Anaheim on Saturday. LA v Phx recorded a franchise low announced crowd of 5,855.

  2. I don't think TB has the rights to Vinny Damphousse. They could just sign him, although I don't think a 40 year old center would help them much anyway.

  3. [Mayor] Wow - obviously a major typo on my part. Oops! Shouldnt be proofing in such a hurry (the game was about to start in Phx). The article has been corrected to now read the correct name - Vinny Lecavalier! Thanks