Monday, December 28, 2009

Need to fix things - Quickly!

Even though that's a catchy headline, this isn't an article condemning Jonathan Quick for the Kings 4-3 loss to Minnesota Monday night. He put in his usual solid performance...and gave up his usual one soft goal. So, considering the other areas still requiring work on this team, he's playing plenty of ticks above 'fine' right now. Some of the real problems lie elsewhere.

Kopitar and Frolov need a swift kick in the rear...perhaps even more. Your two best players need to be your two best players on a consistent basis. Or at the very least, more often than what these two are bringing right now.

For a guy that's supposedly playing for a big contract, Frolov has disappeared for long stretches this year. (I know, what's new) Sure, he's a beast to move off the puck. Sure, he had many good chances tonight. Many! Yet, at the end of the day (Tim Leiweke's favorite saying), you don't get paid for coulda, shoulda, woulda. Fro needsa score some goals.

Ditto Kopi.

The goal differential for the Kings - already dismal for the season - took another hit tonight with the one goal loss. The Kings have now scored ONE more goal this season than they've allowed.

On another topic - the game was pretty chippy in the first and third periods. Dustin Brown had 8 hits in the game and played like a mad man in the first two periods. Meanwhile, Wild tough guy Derek Boogaard played very physical throughout the game, even though he only played about 7 minutes. Given the liberties he seemed to be taking with Kopitar, Johnson and Smyth, this was one game where I wouldn't have minded Ivanans more aggressively going after somebody.

Finally, the Kings suck at face-offs this year, especially when Stoll is out of the line-up. Former King Eric Belanger, on the other hand, is one of the best in the league. Tonight, he put in two goals just for good measure too. Damn - the Kings sure do miss him. He's probably the one guy Lombardi has traded away that I really wish was still wearing the crown. Thanks for the reminder Belly.

The Mayor

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