Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wayne the Train bobblehead night

Well, it's finally here Kings fans. The night so many of you have waited for. You were teased in 2002 with the Jason Allison All Star bobblehead. Then, just last month, it was a Robitaille bobblehead, with Luc wearing his rookie purple and gold jersey.

Now, the kid that one coach said "just wouldn't go away" when he came to training camp in 2008, Wayne 'the Train' Simmonds gets his own bobblehead. The first official Kings bobble giveaway of an active player.

Make sure you're at the game on February 11th to get one. Read the official press release on, interact with their bobble simulator and BUY here for all the fun.

And for you bobble enthusiasts that have never seen this rare gem, the Manchester Monarchs did do a crazy looking Dustin Brown bobblehead a few years ago. He's wearing half a Monarchs jersey and half of a Kings jersey. Click here to see this piece of highly sought after memorabilia.


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  1. I have that highly sought after piece of memorabilia!

    No, you can't have it =)