Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits from Kings-Stars game

Nice 5-1 win tonight for the Kings in Dallas. Truth be told though, it was a little strange watching the Kings game tonight. It almost had a preseason feel to it after not seeing the Kings for nearly a month.

The games played over the last few weeks in Vancouver just had so much riding on them that each pass, stoppage and penalty seemed like life or death. Tonight's game, while important in the standings, had more of a ho-hum feel to it.

That said, here are a few observations from the game in Dallas:

* Frolov might have played the strongest game of the year. Or did it just seem like that since I haven't seen him play in a few weeks?

* I might have to disagree with Jim Fox on this one...I think I prefer the international rule on icing better. Why waste time sending guys down to touch the puck? If the NHL wants to shorten the time needed for regular season games, those Olympic games seemed to fly by with just a few tweaks to the rules.

* Taking in the local flavor is always part of the fun when you're on the road. Checking out the boards in the arena usually gives you a feel for some of the larger corporations in the area that support hockey. Tonight in Dallas - Chipotle...yum, sounds good. Dr Pepper...tasty. JCPenney...born in Wyoming, but headquartered in Dallas. State Farm insurance...fairly standard around the league. The Dump...what? Yes, in case you missed it (see picture above)...one of the boards was sponsored by THE DUMP?!?!

* Wayne 'the Train' Simmonds is all motion...and some commotion. Did you see him jawing at the fans after being sent to the penalty box in the second period. Too funny.

* Why Ott, Why? I'm sure the Stars fans are happy you resigned in Dallas...yet you would have looked so good in a Kings uniform.

* How ironic - Marc Andre Cliche makes his NHL debut in Dallas. Cliche was acquired by the Kings in a deal with the Rangers for Sean Avery. Yes, the same Avery that was run out of Texas soon after signing a big money contract there a few years ago.

* There are few things in hockey that make me laugh as much as seeing the look on Marc Crawford's face when the Kings score against him. That vein in his forehead always looks like it's about to explode.

* According to the Stars Blog 'Defending Big D' their local tv coverage tonight was going to include a test of an overhead cable camera - similar to what they use in the NFL. Sounds interesting. Would like to see more views from there. Different angles usually add to the overall coverage. One more thing...every time I see the cable cams when watching football I'm reminded that the XFL came up with that idea. Has there ever been a bigger debacle in pro sports than the XFL? In case you didn't know, the LA franchise won the one and only season championship. Fun fact of the day.

* What was worse - having Team USA on the ice in Vancouver while Team Canada celebrated and received their gold medals...or making Michal Handzus sit there tonight and listen to Drew Doughty talk to Bob Miller about it? Seriously - Zues and the SlovaKings had an awesome tournament and came home with nothing to show for it. Such a bummer.

* There have been some reports that Jack Johnson was avoiding Drew Doughty and/or giving him a little bit of an attitude leading up to and during the Olympics. JMFJ disputes all of the reports. Still...it was somewhat interesting that Coach Terry Murray chose to pair them together tonight instead of playing them with their normal d-partners. Was Murray trying to send a message of solidarity now that the Olympics are over?

* With the Penguins acquiring Ponikarovsky they're out of the Ray Whitney sweepstakes. Will this help the Kings chances? A deal with Carolina that brings the Wizard and Gleason to LA would just be to awesome for words. More likely - Andy 'Ronald' McDonald, Paul 'Once a Duck, Always a Duck' Kariya or Raffi Torres. Ethan Moreau has been rumored for weeks, but you would think if that deal was getting done, it would be done already. Eric Belanger would just make too much sense...a center that wins face offs - something this team struggles with at times. Those are some of the forwards that are likely to get moved. Rumor is the Kings are looking for a defenseman too. Then again, with Dean's track record, he's probably going off the grid with any trades. It'll be a name out of left field.

Tomorrow will be fun...and there's not even a game!

The Mayor

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