Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is LA - live at Staples Center

You know the song you always hear at Staples Center before the Kings games that you just can't get out of your head...THIS IS LA...

Well, as a special treat for Kings fans attending the upcoming home playoff games, the Briggs will be performing their song live inside the arena prior to next week's action vs Vancouver.  According to the band, the plan is for them to also perform the song after the game, provided the Kings win!

Taking a look at the video below it looks like they'll be setting up shop right outside of section 308 in the upper bowl.  The video also provides some behind-the-scenes type footage from a dress rehearsal the band did inside the arena last week.

The Briggs play LA Kings Playoff Home Games!
note - the dates are wrong in the video, as it was mixed prior to the playoff schedule being released

Kings vs. Vancouver - playoffs, round one.  Game three is at Staples Center next Monday.  You'll want to be there when the playoffs return to Los Angeles for the first time in eight years.

The Mayor


  1. Maybe they should play it every time the Kings score?

  2. The Briggs owe all this to Mike who runs LGK.com... He is the one who heard them and gave their music to the kings. However!!! They have yet to offer up so much as a thank you for him getting them in on this exposure. Before their song was associated with the kings nobody in LA even knew who they were.. Get some class boys and thank the man who got you this gig!