Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doughnuts with the Morning Coffee

LA Kings defenseman...and Norris Trophy candidate...Drew Doughty checked in with the guys at NHL Live this morning to discuss basketball, golf, the NHL awards, Philly vs. Chicago, Chris Pronger, playing at the Olympics and more.

Here are the highlights of the 10 minute conversation:

* He's back home in London, Ontario...will probably return to LA sometime in late July.

* Breaking down the Stanley Cup Finals - I don't know who's going to win.  I kinda think Chicago is going to win.  I'd like to see Philly win because they're the underdog, coming back from 0-3 in their earlier series.

* Are the Blackhawks as fast as they look?  They have skill in all areas of the ice.  They're hard to play against, they're really good at moving the puck.  They have good hands, good shots.  They don't take it easy on anybody.  From their first line to their fourth line they have scorers that can put the puck in the net.  They're a solid, all around team.

* Handicap the Norris race -
I don't know who is the favorite, but I would assume it's Keith.  Every one of us had a good year, so whoever did the voting had a tough job.

* During the Olympics you were teammates with Duncan Keith, plus some other Blackhawks and Flyers like Pronger.  Talk about what you learned about some of these key guys we're going to be seeing in the Finals. - It's going to be a tough series.  Obviously, the guys you just mentioned are some of the top players on their teams and they've been carrying things in the playoffs.  At the Olympics I saw what those guys can do.  Both teams want to win the Cup, it's going to be a battle.  I think Philly has a little more grit than Chicago.  They'll need to use that to take over Chicago's skill.

* Did you get close to any of those guys at the Olympics?  My best buddy on the team was probably Richards.  I was roommates with Prongs.  I played with Keith a lot, so I sorta created a bond with him.  Jonathan Toews is a great guy too.  We all text every once and awhile.  I kinda want Philly to win though.  I want Richie to get that Cup.

* Rooming with Pronger, that had to be an experience.  That's right, whatever he wanted went.  He didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  No snoring.

* What does 'hanging out' mean for you this summer?  I usually golf about 15 times during the summer. But, to be honest I hate golf because I suck at it.  I'm starting to hit the gym now, after taking three weeks off.  Probably start skating right before August.

*  Do you go to Laker games when you're in LA?  I've been to 3 or 4.  I had an opportunity to watch a game right on the floor and it's so different seeing it up that close.  I'd rather play though than watch it. (he also noted he doesn't really play basketball anymore)

You can watch / listen to the interview here, although there isn't much to see - he called in.

Doughty was part of the AHL playoffs Wednesday a fan, not a player.  According to other reports, he attended game seven of the Western Conference Finals with friends.  The Hamilton Bulldogs lost that game to the Texas Stars, 4-2.  The Stars move on to now do battle with the Hershey Bears for the Calder Cup.  Over this past weekend the Bears eliminated the Manchester Monarchs - stocked with several of the Kings top prospects - in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Game one of the AHL Finals will begin Thursday, June 3rd.

Finally, incase you missed our 10 Tidbits on Doughty article from awhile back, CLICK HERE to read it now...test your DD knowledge...or at the very least just take a look at his first ever hockey card...from when he was just four years old!

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