Saturday, October 8, 2011

Need captions for these Kings-Sabres pics from Germany

The other day we had a lot of fun with a few Drew Doughty pictures from Hamburg, Germany - and several readers came up with some great captions.

Well, the fine folks at the O2 Arena in Berlin just posted an album of over 150 pictures taken during today's game between the LA Kings and Buffalo Sabres.

See if you can come up with an interesting caption for these photos...

#1 - Doughty asks if Ville Leino wants to do the limbo

#2 Trevor Lewis shows Doughty how much lower they limbo in Utah

#3 Ryan Miller is about to perform a superman punch (UFC reference)

#4 Jonathan Bernier is a big fan of the Matrix

#5 Matt Greene is working on his baseball slide

#6 You know that human bowling thing they do during intermissions at STAPLES Center, apparently it's popular in Germany too

If you missed the three funny pics of Doughty from Hamburg earlier in the week - and the reader submitted captions - click here.

To view the entire collection of photos from today's game at the O2 Arena, click here.

Remember to also post your comments on the above photos in the comments section down below - you can do so by signing into the site or by simply using your facebook profile. Either way, be sure to identify which picture your phrase belongs to (#1-6).

Feel free to be as creative as you want - but, please keep it clean and respectful. Thank you.

Have fun!

The Mayor 


  1. 1) "Just the tip..."
    2) Got Nothing
    3) "Why I otta.." (Ala Three Stooges)
    4) "Are you serious, my breath smells like bratwurst and St. Pauli Girl?"
    5)"Look ma...I'm riding the half-boards"
    6)Guess who lost playing musical chairs

  2. 1) Here, here! Now give me yours!