Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ducks Kings primer - Where is all this confidence coming from?

Who will score the first goal of the night for the Kings?

Here's what the players had to say when asked that question yesterday after practice. It should be noted that all season long, the only player to not take somebody else was Doughty. He went with himself for a game about a month ago (but, didn't turn the trick).

This time around, the whole room was feeling lucky...

Jarret Stoll - "I'll take myself, I'm due."

Kyle Clifford - "I feel pretty confident in myself, I take me."

Trevor Lewis - "I'm going to say myself."

Jeff Carter - "Probably me...I want it, I need it"

Doughty - he just pointed at himself and said, "Me!"

Brad Richardson - "I have a pretty good feeling about myself."

Not so sure how that's going to be possible from the press box, as he's scheduled to be a healthy scratch.

Richardson went on to say, "I'll give an honorable mention to Carts. But, most likely, it will be me."

Colin Fraser, who sits next to Richardson in the locker room at TSC was willing to double down on the idea, chiming in with "It's going to be Richie, on a pass from me."

Dwight King had other ideas - "I'll go with my right winger, Carts. I think he's due. He had quite a few shots the last game and he's bound to have one go in."

If you'd like to participate in the MayorsManor First Goal contest, we'll be giving away a free pair of tickets to an upcoming Kings home game. It's easy to play, simply leave a comment below with the LA player you think will score first vs. the Ducks...or reply to the facebook / twitter updates that will be posted around 7:00pm. All correct answers will be pooled together and one random winner will be awarded the tickets. Good luck!

The Mayor


  1. Brownie to continue his hot streak

    1. Congrats N3DD - there were over 100 entries received via twitter/facebook and your entry was the winning one! To claim your prize (two tickets to an upcoming Kings game), please email us at the address listed on the CONTACT page above.

  2. Thank you for the tickets MayorsManor! Can't wait to see the Kings play at Staples Center again.