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TRIVIA ANSWERS - Toronto Maple Leafs vs LA Kings 1993

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The article below contains the ANSWERS to the Toronto vs LA 1993 Trivia Questions.

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NOTE:  To keep things simple, each question should be scored as either 'correct' or 'incorrect'.  Single points only, resulting in a final score of 0-10.  No half points or partial credit. 

Question 1 - Who were the staring goaltenders for both teams?

Answer - Kelly Hrudey (Kings) and Felix Potvin (Leafs)

Question 2 - Who were the head coaches for both teams?

Answer - Barry Melrose (Kings) and Pat Burns (Leafs)

Question 3 - The Kings coach had a relative on the Leafs. Who was he?

Answer - Wendel Clark was the first cousin of Melrose.

Question 4 - In game one there was a famous incident that happened, where a Kings player did something of significance to one of the Leafs. What was it and who were the two players involved?

Marty McSorley put a hit on Doug Gilmour that the Leafs weren't too happy about.

Question 5 - The Leafs won game one by a score of 4-1. Who won game two?

Answer - Kings defeated the Leafs 3-2 in Toronto

Question 6 - Game five went to overtime. Who scored the winning goal and for which team?

Answer - Glenn Anderson (Leafs)

Question 7 - Prior to game six a noted Canadian journalist called out Wayne Gretzky. What was the gist of his now infamous quote?

Answer - Bob McKenzie said that Gretzky was playing like he had a piano on his back.

Question 8 - There was a controversial call in game six involving Gretzky. Who was the referee and what happened?

Answer - Leafs fan will forever claim that Gretzky high-sticked Gilmour, on a call that referee Kerry Fraser missed

Question 9 - Gretzky had a hat trick in game seven, plus added an assist for good measure. After scoring LA's first goal, which Kings player did he set up for the second goal of the game?

Answer - Tomas Sandstrom

Question 10 - When celebrating the game seven (and series) victory in the locker room after the game, Luc Robitaille was shown kissing another member of the Kings organization. Who was it?

Answer - Dave Taylor

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Use the chart below to match the number of correct answers you received with your prize or penalty:

Less than four correct = You deserve to fight Wayne Simmonds
Four correct = If Gretzky passed you the puck, you'd probably whiff
Five correct = You're going to be a healthy scratch next game
Six correct = You're starting on the third line next game
Seven correct = McSorley would be proud of you
Eight correct = You remember more than Barry Melrose
Nine correct = You'll be getting extra power play time next game
Ten correct = Where's your Kings tattoo? You're a super fan!

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