Friday, May 15, 2009

2010 Frozen Fury Trivia Answers

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The article below contains the ANSWERS to the 2010 Frozen Fury Trivia Game.

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2010 Frozen Fury Trivia Game

NOTE:  To keep things simple, each question should be scored as either 'correct' or 'incorrect'.  Single points only, resulting in a final score of 0-10.  No half points or partial credit. 

1. In the history of the Frozen Fury series, the Kings have played three different teams. Name them.

Colorado Avalanche, Phoenix Coyotes and San Jose Sharks

2. The 2004 game was cancelled due to the NHL lockout. Who were the Kings scheduled to play that year?

Anaheim Ducks

3. Which Kings player holds the record for the most career points at Frozen Fury?

Anze Kopitar (seven points - 4 goals, 3 assists)

4. How many goals has Dustin Brown scored in the Frozen Fury series?


5. Who scored the first Kings goal in Frozen Fury history?

Roman Vopat

6. How many wins do the Kings have at Frozen Fury?


7. During which year did Frozen Fury weekend actually feature two games, instead of the traditional single game?

1998 or Frozen Fury II (either answer is acceptable)

8. Last year, Ryan was the second Kings player with the last name 'Smyth' to register a point at Frozen Fury. Name the other one.

Brad Smyth (1997)

9. Which one of these players did NOT score a Frozen Fury goal for the Kings - Aki Berg, Glen Murray or Jeremy Roenick?

Jeremy Roenick

10. Who is the only Kings goalie to record a point at Frozen Fury?

Jamie Storr (2000)

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Use the chart below to match the number of correct answers you received with your corresponding Kings player from Frozen Fury history:

0 correct = Don MacLean, back to the minors for you
1 correct = Jan Vopat, very few Kings fans know you
2 correct = Doug Zmolek, need to work on your game some more
3 correct = Jaroslav Modry, not bad - you get a few right now and then
4 correct = Jozef Stumpel, meh
5 correct = Eric Belanger, you're a solid two-way player
6 correct = Brian Smolinski, you're a second liner
7 correct = Ziggy Palffy, you just missed the cut for elite status
8 correct = Drew Doughty, you're a legend in the making
9 correct = Anze Kopitar, you only stand in the shadow of one man at Frozen Fury
10 correct = Just like Luc Robitaille, you're a hall of famer

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  1. I only got one right... Jamie Storr. Not sure how, but I just thought "you know, it might be crazy enough to be it."

    Also, I assume we don't count the original NYR game as part of the series, do we?

  2. Yeah what about the 1991 game..I was there. Doesn't count huh??