Sunday, October 4, 2009

HIGH / LOW with Jim Fox - special guest doesn't pull punches

Earlier this summer we debuted the High / Low feature here on with guests like Mark Hardy and Terry Murray. This quick hit series has provided intriguing reactions to training camp, the prospect series with Phoenix and a myriad of other topics. So, we wanted to kick the season off big this year - even if the Kings didn't cooperate last night - by going out and partnering with somebody that knows a thing or two about hockey. This puck expert was named the Best TV Analyst in 2006 by Sports Illustrated and has worked with NHL Radio to cover the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

We're proud to introduce the man with perfect hair and a gift for gab, Jim Fox.

A true King, through and through, Jim has become equally known for his career off the ice, as well as his accomplishments on skates. He officially became a man of royalty back in 1980 as the first round draft pick of the Kings. Wearing the colors of only one team for his ten years in the league, Jim amassed 479 points in 578 career games. Even though his playing time was cut short due to injuries, he still ranks in the top 10 in several key categories for the Kings. After hanging up his jersey he's become one of the faces of the franchise - not only providing his insight on television broadcasts, but also being actively involved in charitable causes throughout Southern California.

Always a fan favorite wherever he goes for one simple reason...Jim is as passionate about the Kings as any die hard fan you'll ever meet. Tommy Lasorda can bleed Dodger Blue, Jim Fox has purple and gold (and probably some silver) running through his veins.

For the first three games of the opening week home stand Jim will provide his Highs and Lows of the game here on Like most people that watched the Kings play Phoenix on Saturday night, Jim wasn't that impressed with some things he saw on the ice. However, he did manage to find a few bright spots in an otherwise agonizing 60 minutes of hockey.

Jim's take on Opening Night:
HIGHS - Sold out crowd…Ryan Smyth’s debut was effective…early on he made his presence felt down low…he was instrumental on the Power Play, helping to move the puck around as well as it has been moved in a while…the PP was extremely effective with crisp passes, strong support and penetration to the net - which opened up so many options…on the PP, options + execution = success

LOWS - Puck movement on breakouts was sloppy at best…when the defense over-handled it, the play was gone…when the forwards handled it, way too risky to the middle of the ice…the spacing on the fore-check was too wide…not enough support to get an effective fore-check or to be in position to create follow-up chances…one chance at a time does not work in the long run…Quick’s goaltending was sub par…one bad goal (the first of the game) and a few other “stoppables”…I blame the goaltender when the play was well-defended, but the puck still ends up in the net…that is where we can let Quick off the hook because most every goal had a clear breakdown…Drew Doughty played his worst game as a King…don’t remember any game last year where he was directly involved in multiple goals against

After being critical of the second year defenseman, he didn't appear to be worried about the mistakes leading to a sophomore slump, noting that Doughty "rarely lets it linger." So #8 can be counted on for a better performance when the Sharks come to town.

We'll have another High / Low feature with Jim after Tuesday's game versus San Jose. In the meantime, feel free to leave him a comment below with your reaction to the game and/or his thoughts on the loss at Staples Center.

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  1. I must give Jim some props for actually being able to find a high from that game. It was truely dreadful.

  2. Foxy is always brutally honest, but manages to think of the positive. Though I agree with Birddog, the game was dreadful, but it is only one game....

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  4. Thank god for the power play, otherwise the loss would have been a complete blowout. I agree with Foxy that if we continue to execute on the PP, we will find success. Seeing how teams like Detroit and Vancouver are struggling at the beginning of the season, I know that the tables will turn soon, especially with the likes of Ryan Smyth.

  5. Great analysis, as always Jim. Looking forward to hearing more from you throughout the season! Let's hope the team shows up tonight.

  6. This site rocks! Spot on analysis Jim, but it's just the beginning. In past years, when the King's have been strong out of the gate, they later fell down/short. Therefore, let's hope this is the prelude to a fabulous season. It's cup time!