Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kings Fail to Turn Over a New Leaf

New season. Another loss. This is maddening. Look, the Kings aren't going win every game this season. Yet, you want to see them compete every night. Tonight was bad, real bad. And the first loss always hurts the most.

There have been some turn over machines here in Los Angeles the last few years. Guys like Rob Blake during his last season in a Kings uniform. Or take the most recent whipping boy, Denis Gauthier. However, tonight, man did Alec Martinez get schooled.

Sure, it was the first game of his NHL career. There had to be nerves and jitters. However, guys at this level have been playing hockey the overwhelming majority of their life. It's usually been one long life filled with practices, drills and games. More coaching than any normal person receives at their job. The situations on the ice have been played out in rinks every week for years. Coaches have been drilling things into their heads for longer than they care to remember. So, when you're making basic mistakes, it can be so frustrating to watch.

He wasn't the only one though. And don't even think about blaming Quick. Sure, he could have been better. However, he wasn't the reason they lost the game tonight. The team in front of him was turning over the puck just by looking at it or thinking about it.

But, I'm going to try and remain positive, starting with an age old adage that has been repeated to death in similar situations. It's only one game. The Kings have 81 more. I keep telling myself that while fighting the other side of my brain that seems to have "two points is two points" on an endless loop. Truth be told, we probably won't know until February or March if these two points were a serious missed opportunity.

Finally, one more thought. Even though the Coyotes should be one of the worst team's in the Western Conference again this season, keep in mind they are 14-6-2 versus the Kings over the last three seasons. Ouch. Maybe we should have seen this coming.

It's over. I'm turning the page.


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