Monday, November 9, 2009

Players Speak Out on Luc

Yesterday we published an article with Luc's thoughts on a variety of guys he played with - from the three other members of this year's Hall of Fame class, to guys wearing Kings jerseys.

Today the roles are reversed. Here are a few comments we've collected from guys that played with or against Luc. They wanted to share their thoughts on Mr Lucky:

Kelly Hrudey - First off, he worked hard at scoring goals. You can't say that about every player, even though scoring is one of the main objectives in hockey. He worked harder than anybody I played with. Sometimes he was annoying actually. In practice he'd be over in the corner when it wasn't his turn and he would still be firing pucks. He'd ring one off my ankle or a rebound would end up in front of me. I'd be trying to stop the guy coming in on me and I'd be stepping on pucks that Luc was shooting. I would constantly give him a hard time about this. All in all though, I have the utmost respect for his game preparation.

Marcel Dionne - He was a solid player from the day I first met him. I've always liked his game and him as a person. He was so committed to the game and came every night with all he had. I told him I'd be there to see him at the Hall of Fame no matter what.

Bernie Nichols - I have a lot of memories from the early days. We were so young. One of the funniest was the story we told (at HockeyFest) about Luc trying to start at fight during training camp. I had to stop it. I thought Dan (Brennan) was going to kill him. Luc just tried to scored goals after that experience.

Mike Modano - The one thing I remember most about Luc is he had the ugliest looking stick, the curve the shape of the blade. I’d look at that while playing him and think he must be really good to be able to do all that with that stick!

Jim Fox - A few things come to mind. First, Luc said he remembers reading a book in which Mike Bossy talked about just shooting for the middle of the net to make sure you hit the net. Luc must have been a bad aim, because he sure hit a lot of corners for a guy that was just trying to hit the middle of the net. Also, his incredible hand and wrist strength. He rarely took the stick back more than parallel to the ice, but he was able to generate so much power with half a swing.

Luc has tons of fans. Even former players love the guy.


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