Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Ramblings

Very few things sound worse than four games in six nights. Well, five in eight nights doesn't sound much better - but, we'll get to that later.

For now, here's where things stand:

* After the dismal performance the Kings showed in their last game at home, it would have been nice to start the road trip off with a win in Chicago. It didn't happen.

* Carolina looked like an easy win heading in to Wednesday given that they had lost about 43 straight games this season. "Looks easy" is always scary. And given how bad the Kings needed a win after dropping a few, be honest - you were worried too. Last year's team would have wilted under the pressure. This year's team - they took care of business and got the win. Poor Carolina.

* Well, the goaltending in Atlanta wasn't as bad as first reported. Pavelec looked just fine while making all 38 saves.

* Bogosian got over on Doughty. He scored the third goal of the game and was a +4 for the night. Drew's claim to fame was posting "only" a -1 on a night his team lost 7-0. Both guys played about 24 minutes. Did I mention they're only 19?

* Kovalchuk got over on Kopitar. Ilya had ANOTHER two goal game against the Kings.

* Finally saw Ivanans trying to impose his will in a game this season. Yes, against the dreaded Tampa Bay Lightning.

* Rick Tocchet can complain all he wants, but that WAS NOT a goal in overtime. His guy was about to ride Quick like a backpack. No goal!

* Still no sign of Frolov of in the shootout. Really?

* Who would have ever thought the Kings would be up 1-0 after three full rounds of the shootout? Then, Quick got the number one star for the game. It's about damn time.

* So much for the team playing on the second night of a back to back losing two thirds of the time. Atlanta beat the Kings Friday (after playing Thursday in NY) and the Kings won Saturday (after playing those Thrashers the night before). Weird.

* Four points after those four games in six days. Sounds fine to me.

* Ryan Smyth should have had at least three, if not five, goals in the last two games. Still not sure how he missed some of those WIDE open looks at the net.

Sunday is the day of rest. Just ask the Kings. Then on Monday night it'll be time to wrap up the road trip with a game in Miami versus the Panthers. One point would be nice, two would be even better.

Come back Monday and we'll find some interesting story lines to ponder before game time.


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  1. I would think Frolov's failed breakaway in friday's game against ATL didn't help his chances of getting into the top 3 for the shootout. Plus, being 1 for his last 8 in shootouts isn't great.