Friday, January 22, 2010

Frolov Rumor: Team Russia?

It wouldn't be a good hockey week without a good Frolov rumor.

When the Olympic hockey rosters were announced a few weeks back Russian officials raised some eyebrows after saying the published list was only their 'preliminary' roster. They openly said they planned on making some changes. It was then reported that Brian Burke and Steve Yzerman, GMs of the U.S. and Canadian teams, asked IIHF officials for a clarification on the rules. They were under the impression that the rosters they submitted could be changed prior to the Games beginning...however ONLY in the case of a valid injury.

Well, fire up the story again...

According to they've sourced a report out of Russia claiming nine players will be swapped out on the motherland's roster. Three of the reported substitutes come from the NHL, including the Kings Alexander Frolov.

Read the full report by clicking here.

While this would be great news for Frolov, perhaps even righting the original wrong of him not being included in the first place, this type of move by Russia isn't going to come without a little controversy...and perhaps even a protest or complaint filed by one of the other countries.

Stay tuned.


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