Saturday, January 30, 2010

High / Low with Luc Robitaille

Throughout the season we've had many special guests stop by to take their turn at our quick hit series called High/Low. The premise is simple, we serve up a topic and they give their three highs and three lows. Jim Fox, Marcel Dionne, Kelly Hrudey and others have all taken a turn weighing in on various topics.

Today we have the King of Kings, Luc Robitaille making his second High/Low appearance (the first visit from November is available by clicking here).

Topic for today - the Kings season to date...

He starts out by telling me that the loss to the Sharks last Tuesday was a big low. Then, he proceeds to laugh. Which of course makes me laugh. I swear, someday I'm going to get a serious interview out of Luc where he doesn't make me laugh one time. On second thought, that's probably impossible. He's always smiling and laughing.

He did pull it together long enough to get a few low points out though - "The Ryan Smyth injury was a huge low for us. We also had that little slump around Christmas where we played real well, but we lost four games in a row by one goal and those are always tough to swallow because the team was playing well."

Before I could let Lucky know that he's the first person all year to start his High / Low segment with the 'lows' he says "More interesting for us is that we've had several great highs..."
  • The acquisition of Ryan Smyth was a huge plus for us.
  • Jonathan Quick and Anze Kopitar starting the season so strong was big for us too.
  • The play of Drew Doughty is amazing. I'm still amazed he was picked to be on the Olympic team at his age and as a defenseman. You never see that happen.
He then moves forward with "Talking about all of this though, the thing that's important for us is the last 30 games. We need to be at our best."

Ok, Luc - good segue. What holes need to be filled going into the trading deadline?

"We always talk about wanting more experience. Dean's evaluating the needs at every position, but to lose Justin Williams for that long is going to hurt. He's a hard guy to replace, so I'm sure he's looking for somebody to help us with the secondary scoring. I think if he has an opportunity to get the right veteran to help our young guys, it's going to help us. He's looking at what everybody has available. The funny thing is when you get to this time of the year - just when you think nobody is available, suddenly teams are willing to move four or five guys. So, it's going to be interesting over the next month for sure."


The Mayor

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