Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Mash-up

Attention everybody. Can I have your attention please? Will you pick up your belongings and politely take two steps to the left. Bunch together now. We need everybody to pack it in a little tighter. More people are jumping on the bandwagon and we need you to help make room for them.

Like you, I'm still riding the high of the fantastic road trip. A three-two win on Sunday, a five-and-o road trip, six wins in a row, six games until the break, fifth place in the's enough to get you whipped up into a frenzy.

Here are a few things to chew on this afternoon:

* Tweet #1 - about five minutes before game time yesterday I posted the following on my Twitter account:
STAT CHECK - Devils record when leading after 1st: 17-0-0, after 2nd: 24-0-0...tough task ahead (stating the obvious)...good luck
Reverse the curse rules must have been in effect.

* Tweet #2 - shortly after noon on Sunday I posted the following on my Twitter account, regarding a comment from a fellow Kings blogger:
Sunday sermon from @Connie_Kim: Doughty is the greatest man who ever lived. Him or Jesus, not sure. But 2bfair Jesus didn't have a great slap shot
Prophetic! Less than 30 seconds left in the game, he shoots...he scores...Kings win!

* Tweet #3 - on Saturday I offered up this:
1st person 2 DM me gets free Dean shirt to wear at RT @lakingshockey #LAKings 5k Run/Walk for the American Heart Assoc
Since everybody isn't on Twitter - and why not, what are you waiting for? - we'll give one away here too...if you want to wear one of our In Dean We Trust shirts in the 5K, post a comment below - we might have a free one for you.

* Manchester Monday - With Lombardi and staff in the house on Friday, Bernier pitches a shutout...just another day at the office, as he earns AHL player of the week honors.

* Prospect Profile - takes a look at Corey Elkins, who currently leads Manchester with 16 goals and 35 points. The Kings messed up his marriage proposal.

* Home Cooking - With a 1-2 weekend the Ontario Reign are now 3-3 after hosting the All Star Game two weeks ago. They're going to need put more wins together to make the playoffs. Fortunately, they play nine of their eleven February games at home.

* More Boston hockey - specifically, more college hockey...this time it's the Beanpot. The annual Boston tourney gets underway today and Yahoo's Puck Daddy takes a look at things in an article here. Plenty of 2010 NHL draftees will be playing. Watch it on NESN (DirecTV channel 628).

See you tomorrow!

The Mayor

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  1. But without Jesus, I would have to trim my own trees and mow my own lawn.