Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stacked Deck?

In less than two hours the Kings will hit the ice at Staples Center to face their old nemesis, the Detroit Red Wings. While LA seems to be making a habit of exercising old demons this season - including finally solving the Red Wings in Detroit a few weeks ago - the task at hand today could prove to be too daunting. The deck may just be stacked against them:

Game Time? The dreaded 1pm start. Not exactly this team's favorite. Yes, they've been playing better lately in the daytime tilts - dare I even mentioned they've won the last two 1:00 starts at home - but, still...

Does this jersey look good on me? Yes, the dreaded fashion police are back. We better check to see which jersey the team will wear today. Hmmm, a brief review of their third jersey schedule shows that today IS NOT on the agenda. Oh no, no black magic today. The Kings will have to somehow summon strength from their 'regular' jersey. Not exactly what you'd hope on a day when the Kings need all the help they can get...

Do the Kings have nine lives? They can't keep winning forever can they? This stretch has obviously been impressive, but can they push it to nine in a row? In the NHL, even for the best teams, streaks longer than five games are very difficult to pull off. So, the bigger question is can they win their 9th in a row against a veteran team desperately trying to stay in the playoff race?

The deck may be stacked against the Kings today. However, Terry Murray will surely be shuffling that deck as best he can to find another deuce.

The Mayor

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