Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesdays with Teubert

By now everybody knows about Drew Doughty. Taken second overall in the 2008 NHL Draft. Made the Kings as a teenager and just won a gold medal with Team Canada at the Olympics.

Yet, the Kings did something else later in the first round that same day in 2008. After several trades they ended up with the 13th pick too - where they took 6'4" defenseman Colten Teubert of the Regina Pats (WHL).

When the Pats missed the playoffs last week Teubert was sent to the Kings ECHL affiliate in Ontario - the same place he ended up last year too.

After his game on Sunday Teubert covered a variety of topics with the Mayor, like - Was he worried about being traded in a possible Kings deal for Ilya Kovalchuk or Ray Whitney? What does he think about Thomas Hickey? His memories from the epic Canada-USA games at this year's World Junior tournament and guys taken below him in the draft already playing in the NHL.

It's another MayorsManor exclusive interview...first round draft pick Colten Teubert:

Who called and how did you find out you were coming back to Ontario?

I was on the bus for my last game to Brandon. Ron Hextall called me. Then I called my agent and we talked about it too. I was excited to come down here and to have the opportunity to keep playing.

Prior to the call were you thinking you may end up back in Ontario or were you hoping to end up in Manchester?

I knew that Manchester had lots of defenseman on their squad right now, even though they had a couple of injuries right now. I just wanted the opportunity to keep playing and if I were to go up to Manchester and not played, it would have sucked. I feel like I'm in great shape right now and I can play some solid minutes for any team. So, its exciting for me to come here and to get the opportunity.

Prior to the season you had said you were looking to get the Regina Pats into the playoffs and help Canada win a gold medal at the World Junior Championships. With neither happening, has it been a disappointing season for you at all up to this point?

It was a bit disappointing. But, you've gotta take some positive out of the negatives. We did win a silver medal. Of course, you always want to win that gold. You always want to make the playoffs and make a Memorial Cup run. With our squad in Regina, we were really young. So, I thought that it was a positive year and a successful year just by helping out the younger guys and kinda putting the path in front of them so they can go on and have good careers and help the Regina Pats organization out.

Back to the World Jrs for a minute. The two games with the U.S. were obviously amazing. Let's start with the game on New Year's Eve. Can you give us a few memories.

I think, ah....we just found a knack to win that game. We had to come back on them. The U.S. were a very fast team. I thought we were surprised at first with their speed, but we settled down into our game and played off our crowd. We won it in the shootout. It was an unbelievable game.

After the gold medal game I wrote that I don't remember ever seeing both goalies swapped out before in such an important game. Had you ever seen something like that before?

I've never seen it or heard of it in my career. They both had off nights. I guess it was just a factor of they did it a little sooner than us. We definitely had some goals scored on us that we'd like back. But, that's just the bounces of hockey. I think the real thing to look at it would be a seven game series between Canada and U.S. Then we could see who wins, especially if you look at the Olympics where U.S. won the first game and then the gold medal went to Canada.

You had a few other Kings prospects with you at the World Jrs - Martin Jones, Brandon Kuzon - did you guys daydream for a few minutes what it might be like to all play together in Los Angeles someday or was the pressure and focus in other areas with Canada trying to win their sixth gold medal?

I think just too focused. The Kings organization doesn't really come up into your mind unless there are a couple scouts watching the game. Really I was just playing for the Regina Pats and I was playing for Team Canada during the tournament. That was my main focus.

You've been wearing an 'A' or a 'C' on nearly every team you've played for the last few seasons. Now you come to Ontario, where the guys have been together virtually all season. What do you do with some of that natural leadership ability. Do you harness it a bit and just try to fit in?

I think just mend into the group. Fill in some holes with things that maybe they don't have on the team, it could be a laugh here or some seriousness there. It's not my job to be a captain or an assistant on this team. We have tons of good leaders. You want to come in and be positive. Keep your mouth shut and listen to what the veterans have to say. There's lots of experienced guys here that have played pro or had call-ups. As much as I can learn from them will just be great for my future I think.

Does being here last year make it easier to join the team this year?
I think so. Especially the comfort level. Last year I didn't know any of the guys. So, the first few weeks I was quiet. But, now I'm really close with lots of the guys that were here last year. I had the opportunity to play with Starles (Chad Starling) last year. Everybody is pushing each other to get better on this squad.

Did you have a chance to follow the Reign at all throughout the season or once you got the call did you do a quick crash course to see what they've been up to this season - like where they were at in the standings and stuff?

No, I followed the Reign all year - along with Manchester. Just keeping tabs. I love to look up all the stats and stuff like that. I had an opportunity to check that out. They had a bit of a rough start. But, I think with our goaltending and our defense core down the stretch we have a great opportunity to make a run for the playoffs.

Several guys from that first round in 2008 have already made the jump to the NHL. Obviously, Doughty in LA. But also guys like Tyler Myers in Buffalo who was taken right before you and Michael Del Zotto who was taken a few picks after you. Does that inspire you in some way, motivate you or does it irritate you that they're already in the NHL?

It's a lot of what kind of situation you come into. With the LA Kings we have so many prospects, so it's going to be a challenge to make the line-up. But, that's something you've got to welcome. You can't come into the league with a free foot. With me, I'm going to earn everything I get. That's my main goal. I want to play in the NHL. I'll do whatever it takes and I'm just going to have to keep working. I'm happy where I'm at, but I always like to push more. I mean make the AHL next year or get a shot at playing a couple games in the NHL would be awesome. I'm just going to have to work for everything. Just because you get drafted high doesn't mean you're gonna go anywhere.

In some circles in LA your nickname is 'Mr Nasty'. Are you aware of it and do you think it fits?

I haven't heard that. I guess it's OK. It's a little weird (he laughs). But, I just gotta play how I gotta play. The Kings drafted me for a reason. I just have to keep working and pay my dues.

From what I understand Ray Ferraro, a former King, has helped you during the off season with some of your game. Can you tell us about that experience?

I worked with him over the summer on some offensive stuff. Stick handling and lots of skills you don't get an opportunity to work on during the season - along with power skating. He's a really talkative guy and you can get along with him great.

They used to call him 'the big ball of hate' so did you guys have some commonality in the way you approach the game?

Yeah, he's a really competitive guy. You can tell that right away. So is his son. I played against his son in Red Deer. I know their family well and I'm really happy to work with them in the summers.

Back at the deadline a few weeks ago there were several trade rumors involving the Kings - both with Carolina and Atlanta. Your name came up a few times. Is that something you were aware of? If so, were you concerned or do you try not to think about those sorts of things?

There have been all sorts of rumors. I've heard my names thrown in lots of them. It's something you cant control. It's the business of hockey. Whatever opportunity I get I'm going to take advantage of it. You cant control the trades. If they have to make moves, they have to make moves. I'm just looking for the opportunity to play and just become an NHL hockey player.

How about your relationship with Thomas Hickey - would it be a bonus to play with him next year in Manchester?

I'm hoping so. He's a good offensive guy. I've played with him during the World Juniors and a couple of all star games and stuff. I think we work well together. He's a great teammate and a great leader, so I'd love to play with him in the future.

What are your personal goals heading into training camp with the Kings next season?

Just continue to get better. I have lots to work on. Physically, I need to get stronger. Just really come in and be a solid defenseman that's safe and trust worthy on the back end.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Teubert and the Ontario Reign return to action Wednesday night when they begin a three game series at home with the Alaska Aces. Then, it's off to Vegas for the final three games of the season.

With all three teams caught in a dog fight for the final playoff spots in their conference, the games should be exciting. Click here to buy tickets if you want to go check out Teubert and the boys. The games are pretty fun and the AEG run arena is one of the nicest in all of minor league hockey. You won't be disappointed.

Besides, you just never know how nasty 'Mr Nasty' will be with a playoff birth on the line.

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  1. You have your players mixed up. No way was Ray Ferraro the 'little ball of hate', that was Pat Verbeek.

  2. CORRECTED - Ray is the BIG ball of hate.