Sunday, March 21, 2010

.500 Days of Spring...or is it still Winter?

So yesterday we officially kicked off Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I can't really confirm this 100%. However, that's what the internet says...and we all know by now - if it's on the internet, it must be true.

The Kings meanwhile have decided that .500 hockey is the trendy thing to do. I have yet to uncover why they think it's so cool yet...and yes, I've scoured the internet for the explanation.

After last night's 1-0 win over the surging (really?) New York Islanders a buddy turned to me and said 'That win was ugly as Thursday's loss.' Which I think is what tipped me off to this whole .500 trend the Kings are trying to prove is en vogue.

The shutout versus the Islanders at Staples Center Saturday night moved the Kings all-time record versus the 'other team' from New York to an even 41-41-12. A win to pull their overall record even was inevitable I guess.

Now, when you remove the extra point awarded for for overtime losses and just consider straight wins/losses, this is what you're left with...

Since February 4th, the Kings have played .500 hockey...winning 7 games and equally losing 7 games.

Four games ago Justin Williams returned from that horrific leg injury he received the day after Christmas in Phoenix. In those games the Kings guessed it...2-2, a perfect .500!

Either newly acquired Freddy Modin hasn't bonded enough with his teammates yet or isn't buying into this whole .500 craze. Since joining the team the Kings are 3-5 in those eight games. They'll need a few more wins this week to reach the Freddy Five Hundred line.

On the other hand, Jeff Halpern sat out the loss to Chicago on, with a win Monday against the Av's he'll reach the .500 mark with the Kings.

When the Kings have packed their bags and hit the road this month they've played .500 hockey. The schedule shows them playing two games on the road later this week. So, if you like to gamble...perhaps you should bet the opposite of the result of game one...because chances are they'll have a .500 roadtrip.

Monday's game vs. the Av's will wrap up this mini homestand. It's a big one for sure. The outcome will be a four point swing in the ultra tight Western Conference standings. Just as important...a win would bring the Kings to an even .500 since the Olympic break.

Over the last 10 games the Kings have played .500 hockey. While playing out the remaining 12 game stretch at that clip would give them an impressive 99 point season, is that the type of momentum Dean Lombardi and Terry Murray are looking for as the team (hopefully) heads into the playoffs?

The Mayor

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