Friday, April 23, 2010

Jim Fox on NHL Live Radio

Earlier this morning Jim Fox joined NHL Live radio for a quick chat.  He talked Doughty, Modin, the playoffs and more.  Here are some highlights:

* Did the Kings let one slip away with the loss in game four?  He thinks part of that perception may be due to expectations.  The Kings really have approached this as the old cliche says 'One game at a time.' He says they didn't handle the 3rd period well the other night though - playing wide open hockey, when they needed to clamp it down.

* Foxy says Freddy Modin has emerged as a leader on the team.  He's a settle things down type player.  He's not overly dynamic or overly physical on the ice.  Great story - in game one there was a young player on the bench who was just trying to figure things out.  An assistant coach came over and was talking to him.  When the coach was done Modin said 'I'll take care of this. For the rest of the game I'll show him what's going on. I'll help him around, you dont have to worry about it.' The coaches loved the way he took ownership of the situation.

* Terry Murray has been talking up Johnson and Doughty playing well together now.  Was there friction between them?  Jim doesn't think so.  He thinks they were just two players trying to make a name for themselves.  Doughty is a hockey savant.  Jack is always working on his game.  Now they're supporting each other.  There was a competition between the two before.  Now they're working together.

* RE: Vancouver putting the Sedins on the penalty kill the other night.  Kopitar will now probably become a bigger element on the power play going forward, with the play down low picking up.

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