Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jim Fox provides HIGH / LOW on Game 5

The HIGH / LOW series has been one of our most popular features this season.  For those unfamiliar, we invite a guest to provide their opinions on a particular game...basically, their three high points and three low points. 

Previous guests have included a couple of Hall of Famers (Luc Robitaille & Marcel Dionne), a few former Kings (Rob Blake & Kelly Hrudey), current and former Kings coaches (Andy Murray & Mark Hardy), arguably the greatest American born player in history (Mike Modano)...and many more.

Yet, way back at the beginning of the season we kicked off the 2009-2010 campaign with a special three game HIGH / LOW series with Kings television analyst Jim Fox.  He provided opinions after the Kings faced off with Phoenix, San Jose and Minnesota.  Although the Kings went 2-1 over that stretch, Jim didn't pull any punches - including calling out Drew Doughty for what he called "his worst game as a King."

Jim, Jimmy, Foxy...whatever you call him...the man with the perfect hair has returned!  I checked in with him this morning for another round of HIGH / LOW, this time regarding last night's dreadful 7-2 loss in Vancouver.

To mix things up a little, let's start with the obvious - the LOWS...that way we can end on a positive.  Here's how Jim saw things:


* Defensive Coverage (5 on 5) - The Kings played a chase the puck game vs. one of the best puck moving teams

* Goaltending - Up until Game 5, Quick had outplayed Luongo

* Face-Offs - Sometimes an over looked area. The Canucks have been in control of this area all series.


* Wayne Simmonds giving it until the end

* Another power play goal for the Kings

* Not a game issue, but Drew Doughty’s Norris nomination was a high yesterday

Thanks for stopping by Jim.

Kings fans are encouraged to do what the players and coaches are doing...just put that game behind you...move on.  Game six is tomorrow night and if the Kings are to extend their season, they'll need to be focused at home.  Five-on-five, on the power play, short doesn't matter...they'll just need to score more goals than the Canucks.

The Mayor


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  1. I couldn't agree more with Jim Fox and you. I found myself quoting his commentary throughout the games because of a lot of foolish comments being made and I know that people aren't just going to take my word for it.

    Thank you for putting his comments into print version and now everyone can see it in writing from a reliable source (you) and from him.

    Now everyone needs to support our boys for the season they have had and for what they are capable in game 6 and 7. I will be at round two and it crushes me that I couldn't make it tomorrow. LETS GO KINGS!