Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

The series with Vancouver had several positives.  As the dust settles here over the next 48 hours I'm sure it will be easier to see it for what it giant step forward for the franchise.

We'll be back in the days to come with a full debrief on what's next...what do the Kings need to do, who's available, what to do with Frolov...and so much more.

Mayors Manor will also have extensive coverage - including tons of interviews - of the 2010 NHL Draft being held in Los Angeles.

Additionally, we'll be covering NHL Free Agency, which kicks off July 1st...and the Kings Summer Prospects camp.

So, fear not, the hockey coverage here on Mayors Manor will continue between now and next season.  Let's just take a few days to rest.  It's been a long season and an emotionally exhausting playoffs.  Time to recharge the batteries for a day or so.

Then, it's pedal to the medal again...

The Kings will be just fine. 


The Mayor

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