Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best of the Decade: Kings Center

The fine folks at have put together a nice little series of debates to help everybody get through the next week or so. Life can be rough without hockey for eight days. Their solution? To take "EIGHT days to FIGURE out the best of the last 10 years."

My selections will sit along side those of Jim Fox, Bob Miller and others. You can read the various arguments, then vote. Pretty simple.

First up, Best Center. My article began as follows:
Most teams win or die by who is in net. Yet, it's usually the centers who get all the attention. If Magic, Manny or Marino played hockey, they'd probably all be centers.

Picking the best Kings center of the last 10 years isn't as easy as it should be. Any other time period would elicit much less debate. '70s? Butch Goring. '80s? Easy - Marcel Dionne. 90's? Of course, Gretz. The last 10 years? Um....

Former Kings coach Andy Murray says Derek Armstrong should get big props. While not alluding to him being as good as any of the above names, he simply points out that Army stepped his game up at a time so many other players were out injured. Not a bad pick I guess, Army is 10th all-time in Kings history for points by a centerman.

But for me, there is only one right choice.
To see my selection and read the rest of the article, click here --> LA Kings Figure Eight Debate.

When you're done reading, be sure to vote! Or come back here and tell me how much you absolutely agree with me.


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