Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LA > EDM: video highlights included

This one's going to be short. Five quick notes on the game tonight and then it's on to the video highlights...

* Captain Dustin Brown and Brad "watch me go" Richardson traded goals and assists to put the Kings up 2-0. However, you know, in the new NHL 'no lead is safe'...and with Kings fans probably fearing this was all too good to be true, yes - the Oilers came back to tie things up.

* They say pro athletes never forget plays in a game. So, Sean O'Donnell must have been channelling his mental notes of the last time the Kings played in Edmonton (when fellow defensive-defenseman Matt Greene scored the game winning goal) - for the first time in 157 games Odie put the biscuit in the basket, giving the Kings a 3-2 win over the Oilers.

* Jonathan Quick, who will finally get a day off on Wednesday - because the Kings don't have a game! - stood on his head again. The media up north must take greater notice of what's going on between the pipes, as Quick was the first star of the game. Why he hasn't earned more of those at home is beyond me.

* Among the injured group, Jarret Stoll may have been the most disappointed to miss the game. Not only was it versus his former team, he has strong ties to the whole area - he was drafted by Calgary, then later the Oilers (he re-entered the draft) and is from Melville, Saskatchewan. Back at Frozen Fury in September I met another Melvill-ian (?). He was probably equally bummed. First, his 'Riders lost the Grey Cup, now the Kings are 2-0 against the Alberta teams this month. Ouch!

* Hold your breath too - Jack Johnson was injured blocking a shot in the first period. Although he played a few more shifts in the second, he was sent for x-rays after the game. Results are pending (updated: He'll miss the game on Thursday vs. Calgary).

Once again SoCal fans without the Center Ice package were left out in the cold. CLICK HERE to watch the NHL approved highlights of the game.



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  1. Wow, small world....I met a guy from Saskatchewan that trip too! He's planning a trip to Los Angeles in February!

    As for who to interview from Calgary? How about Dion Pheneuff...Ask him how he's going to feel when Drew Doughty takes his spot on the Olympic team! ;-)