Monday, December 14, 2009

One Demon Still Lives

Look, I'm not sure how to slay a killer whale either. So, I may not be much help. The closest I've ever even come to an orca is the Shamu show at Sea World in San Diego. Now the Kings, they've pushed things to 0-3 against the Canucks this season.

As we approach the holiday break later this week, there have been plenty of demons exercised over the last two and half months. The Kings have won in San Jose. They finally beat Calgary. They've been able to win in the shootout. The list goes on and on. Yet, they just cant seem to slay the demon that is the Vancouver Canucks.

At first glance you might just credit Roberto Luongo, right?

Not so fast though. Sure, Luongo held the Kings to just one goal when they met for the first time in October. Then the opportunity for a win was there in the rematch a month later, Luongo was out hurt. Backup Andrew Raycroft got the start and held the Kings to...wait for goal.

Luongo was back tonight for the third tilt and the Kings scored, you guessed it - one goal.

So, over the course of nine regulation periods and one overtime session the Kings have managed just three goals. A simple one goal in each game.

That's putting even more pressure on a guy that at some point may crack from what he's had to shoulder so far. Johnathan Quick has played in all but three games this season, putting on stellar performances most nights. However, he's yet to post a shutout in his 32 games. But if you're only able to get one puck past the guy at the other end of the ice, that's basically what you're asking him to do if you want to win.

Some kinda thank you by his teammates for being named the NHL's first star of the week, huh?

It wasn't for lack of trying though. Against most other goalies in the league tonight Kopitar and Frolov probably would've had a hat trick each. They both were pressuring all night long. Kopi just couldn't buy a goal...and it had nothing to do with missing his buddy Ryan Smyth. The effort was there.

Randy Jones? Well, he continues to be a two-sided coin. Offensively, he picked up another point, assisting on Frolov's goal. Defensively, lets just say he's lucky he plays for Terry Murray and not South Florida coach Jim Leavitt.

For now, the Kings need to just turn the page. If it seems they are playing every night this month, you're not the only one. And they'll need to shake this one off quickly because the streaking Oilers are waiting for them tomorrow night in Edmonton.

Check back tomorrow afternoon. I'll have an interview up with Oilers captain Ethan Moreau.


NOTE: The game was not available locally without the Center Ice package. CLICK HERE to watch the NHL approved highlights:

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  1. Okay, I love the whale photo....Made me laugh out loud.....I guess Vancouver is that one team this year...(There's always one). But remember this, the year we went to the cup, they beat us like 7 times that year....or 6 out of 7. UNTIL the playoffs! =)