Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kings out-snookie the Ducks

Before the game even started we knew we had a situation.

The Anaheim Ducks were on their way to Staples Center, bringing with them a five game winning streak. Then, the Red Wings beat the Hurricanes today 3-1, which - temporarily - put the Kings 9th in the Western Conference. Both were just adding salt to an already open wound caused by LA's three game losing streak.

Among the 18,118 fans at the sold out game tonight in downtown were several of the cast members from MTV's new hit reality series Jersey Shore.

How appropriate. The house they all lived in during the taping featured a "friggin' duck phone" as some on the show have called it. It had a very annoying ring.

Not nearly as annoying as some of the cast members though. That said, their Jersey Shore life inspired plenty of comedic background to a great game for the Kings. It was an old fashioned beat down. Just like the brawls on Jersey Shore most weeks.

The Shore kids also like to "beat-up-the-beat" with their fist pumping dancing. On the ice the Kings were beating up the Ducks left and right. Not only with goals, but with their own fists. Wayne Simmonds led the Kings with 12 penalty minutes.

Michal Handzus continued his strong play of late, scoring his fifth goal in the 10 games since Christmas. It was the only goal of the first period. 1-0 Kings at intermission.

If the Ducks were trying to rattle the Kings in the second with their physical play, it back fired. Scott Parse netted his 8th of the year about 6 minutes in. Later in the period Dustin Brown scored his 100th NHL goal, putting the Kings up 3-0.

Then, the Kings finally scored a goal late in a period after giving up so many of them the last few weeks. Simmonds got credit for the goal, with an assist to Kopitar. It was Kopi's 23rd point in 22 career games vs. Anaheim. JWOW indeed.

Simmonds was on fire at this point, perhaps causing several of the Ducks to be thinking "chill out Freckles McGee.”

Given that LA was sporting a gelled up record of 17-0-0 when leading after two periods, Anaheim couldn't have been happy with the score at this point.

Wayne the Train was back for more fisticuffs in the third, taking on Sheldon Brookbank. More Jersey Shore flashbacks, this time the episode where JWOW said "She called Snookers fat & that like triggered me...I was gonna try to uppercut her, but at that point I had too many bouncers wrapped around me. I just wish for like 3 more seconds. I woulda done justice." Simmonds was like, EXACTLY!

DJ Pauly D once reminded his fellow cast mates "It only takes nine pounds of pressure to break a nose." Perhaps Raitis Ivanans watched that episode. He tried to test Pauly D's theory on Ryan Carter late in the third, bloodying him up in the process.

Although Simmonds may have liked that episode too, his favorite was probably the one where a housemate claimed "When we’re out on the battlefield, I’m like the first strike. It’s sorta like they send me out, first, like the Navy SEALs." Which left Wayne thinking 'me too'!

When Oscar Moller started getting in on the roughhousing in the third all I kept thinking about was Paulie D saying "Through the scuffle Snooks gets hit in the face, again. Poor girl… she needs to take some karate classes or somethin’. She needs self defense. Somebody’s got to teach her how to fight or duck." He didn't want Snookie fighting and the Kings probably didn't want the little Swede trying to channel his inner Marty McSorley either.

Although Kings coach Terry Murray has probably never watched Jersey Shore, he'd probably be a big fan of Mike aka the Situation. Murray is always preaching shot mentality. Here's the Situation on women - "There is definitely a numbers game when it comes to girls. Let's just say, ya know, ten girls have slipped you their number within that particular week. There is a possibility that, like, five or six may no answer. Somebody may pick up but they're busy, but probably on three or four they're probably coming over...As long as you keep calling there will be success in your numbers game, it's just like anything." Coach Murray agrees. About the numbers game. When it comes to scoring. Oh, never mind.

Snookie often talks about her love of pickles. Maybe she's a Sharks fan. Perhaps she needs to come to the game next Tuesday when San Jose is in town.

Either way, Kings win 4-0...FINALLY giving Jonathan Quick his first shutout of the year.

G.T.L. baby. Gym, Tanning, Laundry.

Better hurry though. Next game is Saturday afternoon vs. Boston.

The Mayor

note: if you haven't watched MTV's Jersey Shore, most of this post makes no sense to you...that's OK, it's like watching the show - when it's over, you're better off just erasing it from your brain and moving on...the Kings won convincingly, that's all you need to know.

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  1. All time recap! Love the Snook with a splash of Sweeeeetness (#17)....all around fun game last night on every level, not the least of which was going to pilates today with Teemu's next door neighbor...haha!