Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I've learned so far... by LA Kings dman Alec Martinez

Alec Martinez of LA Kings (photo: C. Ikiri)
Perhaps if Drew Doughty wasn't out injured the last two weeks, the play of Alec Martinez would be under more scrutiny. Instead, most of the blueline focus has been on rookie Slava Voynov.

It's not that Martinez has been particularly bad. However, coach Terry Murray did rest him a few games ago, wanting the 24-year old Michigan native to be more focused.

Last season, he posted 16 points (five goals, 11 assists) and was plus-11 in 60 regular season games. He's yet to pick up a point this season and has a minus-2 rating entering tonight's game in Dallas. He also took six shots, his biggest output of the season so far, against New Jersey on Tuesday. 

If he keeps firing like that, everything will be fine.  Overall, there's no reason to panic either, as the Kings haven't even played 10 games yet.

Off the ice, several Kings' players have commented over the last month or so that he's coming out of his shell more when socializing with teammates. Kevin Westgarth went so far as to call him a nerd away from the rink - something later confirmed by Dustin Brown (well, the captain actually said 'geek').

What has Martinez learned about some of his teammates so far this season?

Here's what he had to say when interviewed for the latest installment of this series...

About Justin Williams - "He makes a hell of a DJ Pauly D on Halloween"

About Simon Gagne - "He makes a heck of a clown on Halloween. He really goes all out."

[note: The team had their annual Halloween party before leaving for this week's road trip.]

About Mike Richards - "In all seriousness, just a great guy. He obviously brings a lot of character to the team and he's been a great addition, both on and off the ice."

Some quick follow up here, nearly everybody on the team instantly says 'great guy' when asked about Richards. What makes him so great?

"He works hard, does the right thing - like the other night, he wasn't afraid to drop the gloves. He just seems to do the right things at the right time and he's smart," said Martinez.

Now back to the fun...

When it came to Voynov, Martinez says the Russian rookie may be holding out on us. "We talk a decent amount," he said. Then, when pressed on the notion that Voynov doesn't speak much English, Martinez said, "You just have to break him down a little bit."

About Trevor Lewis (his new roommate this season) - "He really likes his heated toilet seat!"

About Dustin Brown - "This is an extension of what Westy said (ring the bell, we have another MayorsManor reader), but I didn't realize he was a gadget nerd like myself."

Of course, that statement deserved some follow-up too. A few days ago, Brown had clarified that they were geeks, not nerds - so, I gave Martinez a chance to respond to the slight nuance.

"It's open to interpretation, I guess. I don't really know. But, I'd like to think I was the better of the two."

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