Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exclusive: Dustin Penner explains his injuries in exact detail

Lately, when Dustin Penner has appeared on MayorsManor, the subject matter has been largely comical. In the exclusive interview below though, he goes into specific detail about his injuries that have kept him out of the line-up a few times already this season.

First, he talks about when he knew he suffered the 'lower body' injury coming out of training camp and reveals, specifically, what was ailing him. Then, he provides the full story on the much-talked-about knee injury from Philadelphia - including when the Flyers doctors examined him, why he sat on the bench in the third period, the problem with the knee and much more.

Earlier in the week, coach Terry Murray shared some thoughts on the knee injury here.

To return to the comedy war currently underway between Matt Greene, Penner and a few of the other Kings, click here.

The Mayor 


  1. Did he say an injury with all three of his legs!

  2. OUCH!!! i would have been out for the season with a third leg injury!!!!

  3. BTW, I thought Hockey Players listened to Metal. Who's got the Disco Tech Music going on in the background? Or was this a "Private" interview.