Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I've learned so far... by LA forward Kevin Westgarth

Don Draper or Ethan Moreau? You decide.
Earlier this week we kicked off a new series here on MayorsManor, titled 'What I've learned so far..."

Kings forwards Ethan Moreau and Trent Hunter were the first two to file a report, largely based around them getting to know some of their new teammates.

Here, we'll switch things up a bit and allow newly married Kevin Westgarth to share some observations he collected while the team was out on the road for the first few weeks of October.

This is what Westgarth says he's recently learned...

About Ethan Moreau - "It's been great getting to know him, he's a veteran presence in the NHL. He's the king of the one-liners and a real funny guy. I now know that he probably looks better with his teeth in than out. I also feel like his doppelganger is Don Draper from Mad Men. I don't know if it's his personality or reflected in what he looks like, I just get that vibe from him. He's a cool customer, I guess."

About Justin Williams - "Willie just turned 30, so he's old now. We celebrated his birthday over there, the night we got into Sweden. That was pretty low key - we were at the hotel, in a little lounge area, and just ordered some room service. It was kinda cool though to just hang out with the guys. So, I know now that he's an old man. I can give him crap about that until - well, I guess until I turn 30."

About Dustin Brown - "He's just a huge technology nerd. It's awesome! I think he and Alec Martinez spent more time in Apple stores at the nice malls we got to go to than anywhere else. That was a lot of fun to see him get excited about the 4S coming out. He got all fired up about Siri. I think he's in love."

About Jonathan Quick - "I think Quicky's favorite song is 'Moves Like Jagger' - which I thought was surprising. He's a great teammate and he'll always have your back. But, he has an interesting taste in music."

About Dustin Penner - "Pens is just a giant human. He's like a 12-year old boy in a giant human's body. As you've pointed out, he's a quick-witted fella and can carve you, if need be. Don't get on the wrong side of him because he's willing to bare his bear claws in a hurry."

More in this series will be posted soon.

In the meantime, please leave a comment about the above story and/or check out some of the related articles linked below.

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  1. "Don Draper" was not a happy camper at the Kings game on Tuesday. First, he had bad seats, sitting next to the Kings bench. He spent most of the game straining to see over player's heads and looking up at jumbotron at the King's 5 goals. His butt hurt from sitting still for so long as he watched his Blues get even "bluer"! He's still a great looking guy though.

  2. Never really looked at em big fan of mad men so will see tonight's game if he does

  3. Pretty interesting...

  4. I'll give Westy a post fight clap for that!