Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trevor Lewis dishes on his new roommate - Mike Richards

When a new guy joins a team some of the first questions that need to be answered are what's his number and what's his nickname?

For Mike Richards, the move to LA has involved a change in both.

He left his familiar #18 behind in Philadelphia and now sports #10 with the Kings. As for the nickname, well - it's been a work in progress, largely because his teammates were already using 'Richie' for Brad Richardson.

After practice today, second-year center Trevor Lewis shed a little light on the situation. He also spoke about what it's been like to share a room with Richards on the road so far this season, as well as a few other changes he's noticed about this year's Kings team...

As for Lewis, last year many thought his nickname of 'Elvis' came from sharing a room with The Colonel (Kyle Clifford). However, it's actually a nod to his birthday, January 8th - yes, the same as Elvis.

Back to Richards...if it were up to me, I would have gone with something like 'trout' or 'bass' - something fishing related. Nobody asked though.

And contrary to any rumors out there, no Willie Mitchell doesn't have his own set of nicknames for Richards - like 'angel eyes' or 'pooh bear' - despite their admitted bromance.

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  1. Good move he can build off Mr experience and good to have that veteran roll