Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VIDEO: Kyle Clifford hit in Phoenix leads to non-suspension

Besides how or why the Kings were defeated by the Coyotes last night, after being up 3-0 in the first period, the other hotly debated issue coming out of the game was the legality of Kyle Clifford's hit on Gilbert Brule. Opinions on social media sites ranged from it was a hockey play to penalty-worthy on up to he should be suspended.

Today, the ultimate judge and jury ruled when the NHL opted to not even hold a hearing on the matter (per Helene Elliott of the LA Times).

Here's the play...

If Brule's name sounds familiar to you for some reason, it's probably because he was the initial (injured) player the Oilers tried sending to LA in the Ryan Smyth deal. Of course, he was later replaced by Colin Fraser.

The Mayor


  1. The angles shown here don't look quite as bad as one I saw from a reverse angle, where it was clear that Clifford's shoulder made contact under the chin of Brule, plus you could also see that Clifford left his feet. It's very surprising that he didn't get suspended, since I've seen other hits that weren't as bad as Cliffords that did result in suspensions.

  2. No, he did not leave his feet....gheez, get it right.