Tuesday, November 29, 2011

POLL: What's the right roster move for the LA Kings?

As reported yesterday, Dustin Penner is set to return to the Kings line-up this Thursday. In order for that to happen though, the team needs to make a roster move to create a slot for him.

If you were the Kings GM, which of the following moves would you make?

To answer the question properly, first assume a few things... Penner isn't getting traded and/or waived, Bobby Ryan isn't moving across town to Staples Center and all other trades are temporarily off the table. Thus, one of the options below is what 'you' and your Kings management team are trying to reach consensus on.

For those unfamiliar with the finer points of the decision, some players can be sent to Manchester without a problem (i.e. usually younger players, with fewer games played in the NHL - like Andrei Loktionov). Others, usually more experienced players, would first have to be placed on 'waivers,' allowing another NHL team to claim them - which would also free up cap space for the Kings. If the waived player isn't taken by any other team, he can then be assigned to Manchester.

Weighing all options, which one is the right move?

Poll closes at noon on Tuesday or when the final decision is announced by the team.

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  1. Lokti needs to go back to Manchester. Last night on his first shift it was bad. He couldn't fight for the puck along boards against the bigger body Shark player. Clifford has to come in a throw a big hit to free the puck up and Williams then cleared the Puck. Lokti can't win the battles in the defensive zone and he is easily pushed off the puck. He looks lost at wing and from what i posted above, he not NHL ready at center.

    Send Lokti back.. To bad Philly didn't want Lokti instead of Schenn!

  2. Hunter is slower than Ryan smyth at the tail end of a long shift. He can't skate, he can't shoot, has hands like bricks, and he's dumb as a rock. Yeah, that's great you got a shot on goal. Go back to the bench and get a pat on the back for putting up a harmless wrist shot from just inside the blue line.

    Deano and TM have an irrational preference for unskilled veteran grinders.

    Sometimes you have to put the old horse down.