Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trevor Lewis responds to benching, Murray's comments

Lewis - LA vs Anaheim (photo: M. Zampelli)
Things can change fairly quickly in the NHL, just ask Kings forward Trevor Lewis.

He came into camp riding the high of a strong second half and playoff performance - where he was one of the team's top penalty killers and was starting to find his offensive touch. Lewis went on to play in 19 of the Kings' first 20 games this season.

Then, after zero goals and just one assist, coach Terry Murray sat him out of the line-up nearly two weeks ago and he hasn't been back since - with tonight being the fifth straight game he's a healthy scratch.

After practice yesterday, I asked both men about the situation.

Murray on what it will take for Lewis to get back into the lineup - "Play a little more grittier. That’s the meeting that we had. I’m not talking out of school here. We've had that meeting and that’s the kind of game that I want to see him start to add to his game - his dot-to-boards (play). He needs to be bigger, he needs to be stronger, he needs to come up with more pucks and just dig in on that checking part of the game. He’s very good when it comes to penalty killing. He was (in) our first pair out there last year - in the second half of the year (he) did a great job. He’s a player who can grab the puck when it gets a little hot in your own end and he can settle things just by moving his feet and getting it out of danger, carrying the puck himself because of his quickness and speed. So, there’s nothing that I don’t like about his game. I just want him to add to his game."

Was that a new message delivered to Lewis in the meeting or was it something they've talked with him about before?

"I've definitely been told before,' said the former first round draft pick. "I think I've done it before. I just need to get back to it and get more gritty, like Terry said. I don't think it's as much about the game as it is more a mindset. I just have to get my head around that and I have to go out and get more gritty, like he said."

How does one show a coach he's ramped up the grit, if the only time he's playing is in practice?

"I think by always being focused and in the compete drills, just be gritty. Even if it's against your own guys, you have to prove that you want to play and you're ready to go."

He'll sit out at least one more game, tonight against Florida. Murray has already said he'll go with the same line-up as he used in Monday's victory over San Jose.

Will Jonathan Bernier in net be the only change for the Kings on Saturday afternoon? Time will tell.

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1 comment:

  1. @Bobby Scribe

    This might be the wrong website for ya. This site promotes the rough stuff, unlike Hammonds soft blog.

    The fact is, Lewis hasn't done anything. You say he is skilled.. Where is it? Where is his goes? If you can't score, what does he bring to the table? He can't hit, can't fight, can't score, can't create offense, can't win faceoffs.. All he does well is skates and kills penalties. Well we have plenty of players that can do that (frazer 10X better than Lewis). Westgarth has been better than Lewis this year. westie has created more scoring chances in the last 3 games than Lewis all season.

    The real fact is, the Kings are not tough enough. You have it a bit backwards. TM has but the handcuffs on players like Westgarth and Clifford.. Besides those two players, the team is really soft (except Richards).

    TM iced Kopitar's line with 4 seconds left in the Sharks game with the Kings up 2-0... Do you know what happened? Johnson ate a few punches from Clowe. TM should have had Clifford-Frazer-Westgarth on the ice for the last 4 seconds.. that would have never happened.

    This team is in the bottom of the league with fighting majors at 7. that's not a tough hockey club. I still think they are too soft and playing soft. No team is afraid to play against them. We have scratched Westgarth for most of the season, which really makes us have a soft lineup.

    The Soft stuff hasn't worked all year, time to take the handcuffs off and start playing some dirty hockey. That's how Boston won the cup!