Friday, December 2, 2011

VIDEO: Mike Richards hit by Bergenheim, no suspension

The NHL has announced there will not be any suspension or fine for the hit Florida's Sean Bergenheim put on LA center Mike Richards late in the second period of last night's game.

It's been ruled a full body hit.

Judge for yourself...

More notes and quotes coming soon, including an update on the extent of Richards' injuries.  He did not play in the third period, held out for precautionary reasons.

Here was the overall reaction from the Florida locker room last night.

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1 comment:

  1. I don't understand how they suspend Pacioretty for the hit on Letang last week, and they don't give any sort of suspension or discipline to Bergenheim when he CLEARLY hits Richards in the head with his shoulder. Compare the two videos. The shoulders hit the head, look completely similar.

    Brendan Shanahan is an idiot. He took one too many hits to the head. When are the Kings going to get some kind of respect? If you dont play with Crosby nobody cares in this league.

    I have watched every Kings game the last five years, and usually don't get fired up when hits, fights, or injuries occur. But seriously. CONSISTENCY YOU IDIOTS